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Conan Train Tottori & Shimane Prefecture コナン列車

Detective Conan is a massively popular manga and anime series from Japan that has also gained followers abroad. The original Japanese title "Meitantei Conan" literally means "Great Detective Conan," but because of copyright issues the English release goes under the title "Case Closed."

Conan Train, Japan.
Conan Train, Tottori Prefecture
Conan Train, Japan.
Conan Train, Tottori Prefecture

The manga series began in 1994 and by now is collected into 87 volumes. The anime series started in 1996 and currently runs to almost 800 episodes. The hero of the series is a genius detective named Conan Edogawa, who inhabits the body of a young boy. His name comes from Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries.

Conan was created by Gosho Aoyama who hails from Yura, a small town on the coast of Tottori Prefecture, and where you can find the Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory, a museum dedicated to his work. The town has also renamed the local railway station as "Conan Station."

Tottori Airport, near Tottori City in the east of the prefecture has been renamed Tottori Sand Dunes Conan Airport. The other airport in the prefecture is also named after a manga character, Yonago Kitaro Airport is so called after the hero of Mizuki Shigeru's famous manga and anime character Gegege Kitaro.

Conan Train, Tottori, Japan.
Conan Train, Tottori Prefecture

The latest attempt to capitalize on the fame of Conan is the Conan Train, decorated with depictions of Conan and scenes from the manga. The Conan Train is often seen running along the JR Sanin Line (which runs from Kyoto to Shimonoseki) along the coast of Tottori, but can also sometimes be seen in Shimane on the same line.

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