Japan Ferry Pass

Ferry Pass in Japan フェリー

Japan Ferry Pass

The Japan Long Course Ferry Service Association (JLCFSA), an association of long distance ferry companies in Japan that travel over 200km, are offering the Japan Ferry Pass 21 to non-residents who visit Japan as tourists.

The Japan Ferry Pass presently costs 21,000 yen and offers 6 trips during a 21 day period.

Making A Reservation

Reservations must be made at least 3 days before your departure on the JLCFSA website: jlc-ferry.jp/jfp21/booking.html

Click on the red "To the reservation" button and then click on the port of your departure. Choose your destination and fill in the form including age, name, email address, nationality, phone number, sex and details of other passengers.

An e-mail confirming your provisional reservation with your registration number will be sent to you. The ferry company you chose will send you another email if they can accept your reservation via e-mail.

Please show your reservation number written in the e-mail sent by the ferry company and the passports of all passengers in your group at the ticket counter. You will also be required to fill in a small registration form at the port's counter. Your pass will be issued at the ticket counter and must be paid for in cash.

The Japan Ferry Pass is only for second class cabins but you can purchase an upgrade at the ticket counter.

Japan Ferry Pass
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Ferry Routes

Japan's ferry system is extensive, connecting Japan's four main islands: Honshu, Kyushu, Shikoku and Hokkaido.

14 long distance routes operated by 8 companies can be booked using the Japan Ferry Pass.

These are:

1) Izumiotsu-Shinmoji
2) Kobe-Shinmoji
3) Kobe-Miyazaki
4) Kobe-Oita
5) Maizaru-Otaru
6) Nagoya-Sendai-Tomakomai
7) Niigata-Otaru
8) Orai-Tomakomai
9) Osaka-Beppu
10) Osaka-Shibushi
11) Osaka-Shimoji
12) Tokyo-Tokushima-Kitakyushu
13) Tsuruga-Tomakomai-Higashi
14) Tsuruga-Niigata-Akita-Tomakomai-Higashi

Japan Ferry Pass

Ferry Facilities

Ferries in Japan usually provide a number of facilities for their passengers many of which are free. These include a Japanese-style communal bath, a theater, a restaurant, a game center and store for purchasing local souvenirs and special ferry goods.

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