Kamiiida Line & Meitetsu Komaki Line

Kamiiida Line 上飯田線 & Meitetsu Komaki Line 名鉄小牧線

The Kamiiida Line in Nagoya is one of the six main subway lines of the Nagoya subway system.

The Kamiiida Line, which is marked pink on subway maps, must be the shortest subway line in Japan, consisting as it does of only one stop before it becomes the 20km-long Meitetsu Komaki Line to Kasugai, Komaki and Inuyama.

The Kamiiida Line first opened in 2003.

Kamiiida Line train Nagoya.
Kamiiida Line train Nagoya
Kamiiida Line train Nagoya.
Kamiiida Line train Nagoya

Kamiiida Line & Meitetsu Komaki Line Stations

There are two stations on the Kamiiida Line: Heian Dori (K02) at the southern end and Kamiiida (K01) at the northern end. However, from Kamiiida the line continues, but overland and with a different name: the Komaki Line, which goes on northward for another 13 stations, up to Inuyama Station. Following Kamiida Station is Ajima, then, Ajiyoshi, Kasugai, Ushiyama, Manai, Komaki-guchi, Komaki, Komakihara, Ajioka, Tagatajinja-mae, Gakuden, Haguro, Inuyama.

Heian-dori Station

Heian-dori Station connects with the Meijo Line of the Nagoya subway and is one stop west of Ozone Station (oh-zoh-neh) and one stop east of Shiga-hondori.

Ozone Station is on the JR Chuo Line, which links Ozone Station to Tsurumai StationNagoya StationKanayama StationChikusa Station, and then north east to the outlying towns of Kasugai, Tajimi, Toki, Ena and Nakatsugawa.

Kamiiida Station

Kamiiida Station is in Kita-ku in north central Nagoya, just south of the Yada River. Kamiiida used to be the terminus of the Meitetsu Komaki Line (名鉄小牧線) with a tram connecting to Heian-dori. The Kamiiida Line replaced the walk between Kamiiida and Heian-dori following the closure of Nagoya's trams.

Ajima Station

Ajima Station is in a northern suburb of Nagoya just north of the Shonai River.

Ajiyoshi Station

Ajiyoshi Station is just north of the Ajiyoshi Kasugayama Kofun - an ancient burial mound. Ajiyoshi Station is close to another Ajiyoshi Station on the Tokai Kotsu Johoku Line (a subsidiary of JR) that runs from Kachigawa on the JR Chuo Line to Biwajima on the Tokaido Main Line. There are buses (200 yen) from Ajiyoshi Station to Komaki Airport (Nagoya Airport).

Kasugai Station

Kasugai Station serves the industrial city of Kasugai which has a population of over 300,000 people. Kasugai is close to Komaki Airport and is the home town of baseball player Ichiro Suzuki. The Ichiro Exhibition Room is a small museum with a collection of Ichiro memorabilia north west of the station.

JR Kasugai Station is some distance to the south east and is on the Chuo Line.

Uchiyama Station

Uchiyama Station is also very close to Komaki Airport (Nagoya Airport).

Manai Station

Manai Station is close to Myogaku Temple, Rinkeiji Temple and Toyama Shrine.

Kamiiida Line platform Nagoya.
Kamiiida Station platform

Komakiguchi Station

Komakiguchi Station is in the heart of the suburban sprawl of this part of greater Nagoya.

Komaki Station

Komaki Station is close to the Komaki City Hotel and a 20-minute walk or short bus journey to Komaki Castle. Komaki-jo is a reconstructed castle which was first built in 1968 and renovated in 2006. Komaki Castle is home to the excellent Komaki City Historical Museum. The excellent Menard Art Museum, the art collection of Nonogawa Daisuke and his wife, Mizuko, the founders of Nippon Menard Cosmetic company, is also a short walk from Komaki Station.

Komakihara Station

Komakihara Station is located close to the small Tsushima Shrine.

Ajioka Station

Ajioka Station is surrounded by suburbia near National Highway 179.

Tagatajinja-mae Station

Tagatajinja-mae Station is convenient for Tagata Shrine, one of the shrines at the center of the Tagata Jinja Hounen Matsuri, a bizarre, fertility festival held annually on March 15.

Gakuden Station

Gakuden Station is close to Oagata Shrine (Oh-agata Jinja), another shrine connected with the Tagata Jinja Hounen Matsuri. Oh-agata Jinja is dedicated to the kami Oh-agata who is connected with female fertility and birth.

Haguro Station

Haguro Station is close to the small Ryuenji Temple.

Inuyama Station

Inuyama Station is the main point of access for Inuyama city to visit Inuyama Castle, Urakuen Garden and take buses on to the excellent Meiji Mura.

Kamiida Line Map

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