Meiko Line

Meiko Line 名港線

The Meiko Line in Nagoya is one of the six main subway lines of the Nagoya subway system.

The Meiko Line, which is marked purple and white on subway maps, was once part of the Meijo Line until the Meijo Line became a full loop in 2004.

Now the Meiko Line is a continuation of the Meijo Line and runs 6km from Kanayama Station to Nagoyako Station in the Nagoya Port district of the city.

Meiko Line train Nagoya.
Meiko Line train, Nagoya
Meiko Line train Nagoya.
Meiko Line train, Nagoya

Meiko Line Stations

There are seven stations on the Meijo Line Line. From Kanayama (E01) to Nagoyako (E07) they are: Kanayama, Hibino, Rokuban-cho, Tokai-dori, Minato Kuyakusho, Tsukiji-guchi and Nagoyako.

Kanayama Station

Kanayama is the northern end of the Meiko Line to Nagoya Port and the start of the Meijo Line loop.

After Nagoya StationKanayama Station to the south in Naka-ku is Nagoya's most important rail hub and a main station for the Centrair express train connecting to Chubu International Airport. Kanayama Station serves both JR and Meitetsu suburban trains with their respective entrances on either side of the main concourse. The Meitetsu lines connect to ToyohashiGifuInuyama, the Chita Peninsula and Chubu International Airport. Heading south east the next stop on the Meitetsu Line is Jingu-mae Station from where trains go either south on the Meitetsu Airport Line to Tokoname and Centrair or east on the Meitetsu Nagoya Line to Toyohashi via Narumi, Otogawa and Higashi Okazaki. On Japan Railways (JR) there are frequent connections to EnaNakatsugawa and Matsumoto in Nagano Prefecture, Ogaki, Gifu, Maibara, Handa, Gamagori, Toyohashi and on to Hamamatsu in Shizuoka Prefecture.

The Kanayama district is also a lively shopping and entertainments hub with a number of places to stay in hotels around the station. The Nagoya Boston Museum of Fine Arts (tel. 052 684 0786) is just outside the station in the same building as the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Grand Court.

Hibino Station

Hibino Station is west of the Nagoya Congress Center and convenient for Nagoya Gakuin University.

Rokuban-cho Station

Rokuban-cho Station is located on National Highway Route 1, the old Tokaido highway.

Tokai-dori Station

Tokai-dori Station is west of the Nagoya Immigration Office. There are buses from the station to Nagoya Keiba-jo mae for Nagoya Immigration Office.

Minato Kuyakusho Station

Minato Kuyakusho Station is close to the Minato-ku ward office in the south west suburbs of Nagoya.

Meiko Line train Nagoya.
Tsukiji-guchi Station, Meiko Line, Nagoya

Tsukiji-guchi Station

Tsukiji-guchi Station is a couple of kilometers east of Inaei Station on the Aonami Line.

Nagoyako Station

Nagoyako Station is the main point of access for the Nagoya Port district. Nagoya Port's main attractions are the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium the Fuji Antarctic Museum, a retired Japanese Antarctic survey ship, that traveled to the South Pole from 1965 - 1983 and the Nagoya Maritime Museum, dedicated to the container ships and the port they use. A number of hands-on exhibits will keep the kids happy here.

Meiko Line train in Nagoya.
Meiko Line train, Nagoya
Tokai-dori Station, Meiko Line, Nagoya.
Tokai-dori Station, Meiko Line, Nagoya

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