Nishitetsu Buses Fukuoka

Nishitetsu Buses, Fukuoka 西鉄バス福岡

Nishitetsu (Nishi-Nippon Railroad) is a major bus company operating in Fukuoka Prefecture.

Nishitetsu buses run in Fukuoka, Kitakyushu, Kokura and Dazaifu and also connect these towns and cities.

The main bus terminals in Fukuoka city are Hakata Station, Tenjin Station and Fukuoka Airport.

Fukuoka Nishitetsu bus.
Nishitetsu bus, Fukuoka
Fukuoka Nishitetsu bus.
Nishitetsu bus, Fukuoka

Nishitetsu Bus Routes

Nishitetsu buses run to Fukuoka Airport from both Hakata Station and Tenjin Station.

Hakata Bus Terminal is at the West Exit of Hakata Station. #A buses run from bus stop 11 to Fukuoka Airport in about 20 minutes. The present fare is 260 yen.

From the south of Tenjin Station from bus stop 7A outside the Tenjin Core shopping mall, #A buses run to Fukuoka Airport in about 30 minutes (310 yen).

From Fukuoka Airport International Terminal to Hakata Bus Terminal and Tenjin buses leave approximately every 30 minutes.

The Fukuoka Toshin 100 Yen Bus (福岡都心100円バス) runs in a loop connecting Hakata Station, Kuramoto, Tenjin, Yakuin Station and Canal City.

Nishitetsu Bus Map.
Nishitetsu Bus Map, Fukuoka
Nishitetsu Bus outside Hakata Station.
Nishitetsu Bus outside Hakata Station, Fukuoka

Nishitetsu buses connect Hakata Port International Terminal with Tenjin Station (buses 80, 55, 151, 152; 190 yen) in about 15 minutes and Hakata Station in approximately 20 minutes (buses 80, 88, 11, 19, 50; 230 yen).

There are several light night buses leaving Hakata Station and Tenjin Station around 12.30am for various outlying suburbs.

Hourly Nishitetsu buses run to the Kyushu National Museum in Dazaifu. The first bus is at 6.49am with the last bus at 8.34pm.

Buses from Hakata Station (bus stop 31) to Kokura Station leave hourly at half past the hour. The journey takes 85 minutes and costs 1,130 yen. The first bus is at 8.30am with the last bus at 8.30pm.

Buses from Hakata Station to Spaceworld require a change in Mihagino.

Nishitetsu Bus Fares

The cheapest standard fare on Nishitetsu buses in Fukuoka city is 100 yen, which is the price between Tenjin and Hakata Station.

All major IC cards can be used including the nimoca, manaca, Suica, Pasmo, Kitaca, Toica, PiTaPa, Icoca, Hayakaken and Sugoca.

Using Nishitetsu Buses

Enter the bus from the rear door and pay the driver in cash or touch your IC card on the card reader next to the driver at the front. If you are paying in cash pick up a boarding ticket on entry from the orange box.

The name of the next stop and the fares are displayed on a monitor at the front of the bus. Press the bell before you get off at your desired stop. There is a change machine next to the driver for 1000 yen notes and 500 yen, 100 yen and 50 yen coins.

Bus stops display a timetable and route map.

Nishitetsu Bus Map (pdf in Japanese)

Tenjin Bus Stops (pdf in Japanese)

Hakata Station Bus Stops (pdf in Japanese)

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