Sennichimae Line

Osaka Subway: Sennichimae Line 千日前線

The Sennichimae Line (color-coded pink) is an Osaka subway line operated by Osaka Municipal Subway running approximately 13km between Nodahanshin in the north west and Minami-Tatsumi in the south east of Osaka.

The Sennichimae Line has 14 stations and was built in stages from 1969 to 1981.

From Nodahanshin the Sennichimae Line runs south to Sakuragawa Station, then east to Shin-Fukae, then south again to Minami-Tatsumi.

Sennichimae Line Train.
Sennichimae Line Train
Sennichimae Line Train.
Sennichimae Line Train

Sennichimae Line Stations

The 14 stations of the Sennichimae Line are: Nodahanshin, Tamagawa, Awaza, Nishi-Nagahori, Sakuragawa, Namba, Nippombashi, Tanimachi Kyuchome, Tsuruhashi, Imazato, Shin-Fukae, Shoji, Kita-Tatsumi and Minami-Tatsumi.

Nodahanshin Station

Nodahanshin Station (野田阪神; S11) in Fukushima-ku is the northern terminus of the Sennichimae Line. Nodahanshin connects with the Hanshin Main Line at the adjacent Noda Station from Umeda Station in Osaka to Motomachi Station in Kobe.

Tamagawa Station

Tamagawa Station (玉川; S12) is located close to the Osaka Municipal Central Wholesale Market and connects with Noda Station on the Osaka Loop Line.

Awaza Station

Awaza Station (阿波座; S13) connects with the Chuo Line of Osaka subway. Awaza Station is fairly close to Utsubo Park.

Nishi-Nagahori Station

Nishi-Nagahori Station (西長堀; S14) in Nishi-ku connects with the Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line of the Osaka subway and is just east of Tosainari Shrine.

Sennichimae Line Train.
Sennichimae Line Train Carriage
Sennichimae Line Train.
Sennichimae Line Train

Sakuragawa Station

Sakuragawa Station (桜川; S15) connects with the Hanshin Namba Line.

Namba Station

Namba Station (難波; S16) in Namba central Osaka connects with the Midosuji Line and the Yotsubashi Line and is a major dining, entertainment and shopping hub in Osaka. Namba has four main stations all connected: JR Namba Station, Osaka Namba Station, Nankai Namba Station and Namba Municipal Subway Station. Connections from Namba Station include the Nankai Main Line to Koyasan, the Kintetsu Line to Kintetsu Nagoya Station in Nagoya and Kintetsu Nara Station in Nara, and the JR Kansai Main Line, which connects JR Namba Station and JR Nagoya Station with local trains. The Hanshin Namba Line has trains from Namba to Amagasaki Station.

Nippombashi Station

Nippombashi (日本橋; S17) connects with the Sakaisuji Line of the Osaka subway and the Kintetsu Line. Nippombashi is the station to access DenDen Town, the electronics mecca of Osaka (the equivalent of Akihabara in Tokyo) in the Nipponbashi district of the city.

Tanimachi Kyuchome Station

Tanimachi Kyuchome (谷町九丁目; S18) connects with the Tanimachi Line of the Osaka subway and the Kintetsu Line from nearby Osaka Uehommachi Station. The 4-star Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka is close by.

Tsuruhashi Station

Tsuruhashi Station (鶴橋; S19) is the station in the heart of Osaka's Korea Town with several arcades (shotengai) packed with stores selling Korean food as well as many Korean restaurants. Tsuruhashi Station intersects with the Osaka Loop Line and the Kintetsu Line to Nara and Nagoya.

Sennichimae Line Train.
Tsuruhashi Station with Korean symbols, Sennichimae Line, Osaka
Sennichimae Line Train.
Sennichimae Line, Osaka

Imazato Station

Imazato Station (今里; S20) in Higashinari-ku connects with the Imazatosuji Line of Osaka subway.

Shin-Fukae Station

Shin-Fukae (新深江; S21) is close to the Iryohojinkodokai Hospital.

Shoji Station

Shoji Station (小路; S22) is convenient for Daikoji Temple.

Kita-Tatsumi Station

Kita-Tatsumi (北巽; S23) is seven blocks east of Tatsumi Park.

Minami-Tatsumi Station

Minami-Tatsumi (南巽; S24) is west of the large Tatsumihigashi Ryokuchi Park.

Trains on the Sennichimae Line run from around 5am until midnight, 7 days a week with reduced services at the weekends and public holidays.

See a full timetable here (in Japanese):

The Osaka Municipal Transportation Information Center (Tel: 06 62119503) is located at Namba Station and has detailed information in English on the Osaka subway and city buses and the various travel passes available such as the Kansai Thru Pass.
Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm: Sat, Sun & public holidays 10am-7pm

Sennichimae Line Map

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