Limited Express Super Hakuto

Limited Express Super Hakuto スーパーはくと

The Limited Express Super Hakuto is an express train that runs between Kyoto and Tottori Prefecture via Osaka, stopping also at Shin-Osaka shinkansen station.

Limited Express Super Hakuto train.
Limited Express Super Hakuto. Photo courtesy of Mitsuki-2368

After leaving Kyoto and reaching Osaka, the Limited Express Super Hakuto runs along the Pacific coast through Hyogo Prefecture, stopping at Kobe (Sannomiya Station) and other cities, goes northward to Tottori City, then west along the Japan Sea coast to Kurayoshi City in Tottori Prefecture.

The Super Hakuto is a modern, comfortable train that features automatic tilting of its cars to facilitate smoother and less stressful cornering.

Super Hakuto Stations

The Super Hakuto serves 13 stations:
- Kyoto Station (京都)
- Shin-Osaka Station (新大阪)
- Osaka Station (大阪)
- Sannomiya Station (三ノ宮)
- Akashi (明石)
- Himeji (姫路)
- Kamigori (上郡)
- Sayo (佐用)
- Ohara (大原)
- Chizu (智頭)
- Koge (郡家)
- Tottori (鳥取)
- Kurayoshi (倉吉)

The complete journey between Kyoto and Kurayoshi takes a little over 3 1/2 hours, and costs about 9,000 yen. Boarding at Osaka and going as far as Tottori takes about 2 hr 50 min and costs about 7,000 yen.

If coming from Tokyo and traveling to Tottori, take the Tokaido Shinkansen to Shin-Osaka, then change to the Super Hakuto.

From Shin-Osaka, there are seven Super Hakuto departures bound for Tottori every day: 7;30am, 9:16am, 11:16am, 1:16pm, 3:16pm, 5:19pm and 8pm. From Shin-Osaka to Tottori Station takes just over 2 1/2 hours.

Limited Express Super Hakuto train.
Limited Express Super Hakuto

Japan Rail Pass on the Super Hakuto

The Super Hakuto is run by both JR West and the private company Chizu Railway; therefore, holders of a Japan Rail Pass traveling on the Super Hokuto must pay a surcharge to Chizu Railway. For the whole journey between Kyoto and Kurayoshi, the surcharge is 1,720 yen for a non-reserved seat and 1,820 yen for a reserved seat.

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