Takamatsu Transport

Takamatsu Travel 高松交通

Takamatsu, the prefectural capital of Kagawa Prefecture, is one of the four main cities (Kochi, Matsuyama and Tokushima are the others) on the island of Shikoku.

Find information here on getting to and around Takamatsu by public transport.

Takamatsu Station, Kagawa, Shikoku, Japan.
Interior of Takamatsu Station, Kagawa Prefecture, Shikoku
JR local train Takamatsu station.
JR local train Takamatsu Station

Takamatsu Station

Takamatsu Station is the main point of access for arriving in this port city.

Takamatsu Station is a busy, major rail intersection and a major route between Shikoku and Okayama Station on Honshu.

Takamatsu Station is on both the JR Yosan Line to Marugame, Tadotsu, Matsuyama and Uwajima and the Kotoku Line to Tokushima via Yashima, Ikenotani and Sako.

The Yosan Line runs west from Takamatsu Station to Matsuyama Station (2 hours, 30 minutes) in Ehime Prefecture and then south west to Uwajima. The Kotoku Line connects Tokushima Station with Takamatsu Station in about 70 minutes by limited express train.

JR Marine Liner trains from Okayama Station run south to Takamatsu over the across the Seto Ohashi Bridge in 55 minutes, Tokushima (with a change in Takamatsu to the Uzushio Express) in around 2 hours, Matsuyama in Ehime Prefecture on the Shiokaze Limited Express in 2 hours, 40 minutes and Kochi on the Nanpu Limited Express in 2 hours, 40 minutes.

Connection times from Takamatsu Station are 2 hours, 30 minutes to Matsuyama Station and 2 hours, 33 minutes to Kochi Station.

Several hotels are clustered around Takamatsu Station: places to stay include the 4-star Rihga Hotel Zest Takamatsu, the JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu, the 3-star Takamatsu Terminal Hotel and the Hotel Areaone Takamatsu.

See here for a full listing of hotel accommodation near Takamatsu Station.

Kotoden train.
Kotoden train to Takamatsu Chikko Station
Nagao Station, terminal of the Kotoden Nagao Line.
Nagao Station, terminal of the Kotoden Nagao Line

Kotoden Trains

Takamatsu-Kotohira Electric Railroad (Kotoden) operates three local railway lines and a number of bus routes.

The three lines are:

The Kotohira Line, which at almost 33km in length with 21 stations, is the longest. The Kotohira Line runs from Takamatsu Chikko Station in the center of Takamatsu city to Kotoden-Kotohira Station in Kotohira via the hub station of Kawaramachi and Ritsurin Station for Ritsurin Koen. The journey time from Takamatsu Chikko Station to Kotoden-Kotohira Station is 62 minutes.

The Nagao Line runs 14.6 km from Kawaramachi Station to Nagao Station in Sanuki. In all there are 16 stations. The journey time from Takamatsu Chikko Station to Nagao Station is 38 minutes.

The Shido Line from Kawaramachi Station to Kotoden-Shido Station in Sanuki is 12.5 km long with 16 stations and is the line to take to Yashima and its nearby attractions such as Shikoku Mura. The journey time from Kawaramachi Station to Kotoden-Shido Station is 34 minutes.

A one-day ticket for Kotoden trains is 1,230 yen for adults and 620 yen for children.

The IruCa (a play on the word for "dolphin") is the local prepaid card and can also be used in various shops. The card costs 2,000 yen which includes a 500 yen returnable deposit (minus a 100 yen charge).


Kotoden train in Takamatsu.
Kotoden train to Kotoden-Shido Station
Local Kotoden bus in Takamatsu.
Local Kotoden bus in Takamatsu

Kotoden Buses

Kotoden Buses cover the inner city area of Takamatsu. Kotoden Buses run to Aji Onsen, Aeon Mall Takamatsu, Ritsurin Koen and the Sun Messe convention center,

Takamatsu Station, Takamatsu Chikko Station and Kawaramachi Station are the main hubs for Kotoden Buses.

A Kotoden Bus runs from JR Yashima Station to Kotoden Yashima Station on the Shido Line and then up to Yashima.

Local bus terminal, JR Takamatsu Station.
Local bus terminal and airport limousine, north side of JR Takamatsu Station
Takamatsu Airport with airport limousine bus, Shikoku, Japan.
Takamatsu Airport with airport limousine bus

Limousine Airport Bus

Kotoden also operates a limousine bus to Takamatsu Airport from JR Takamatsu Station from bus stop 3. The bus route is JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu, JR Takamatsu Station, Takamatsu Chikko, Hyogomachi, Kenchodori Chuo-koen-mae, Kawaramachi, Nakajincho, Ritsurin Koen-mae, Youme Town Takamatsu, Kagawa Daigaku Fuzoku Chugakko, Kukodori Ichinomiya and Takamatsu Airport. The full fare is 760 yen. Journey time is about 45 minutes.

* Some buses at various times of the year begin at the Hotel Pearl Garden calling at the Okura Hotel Takamatsu before JR Takamatsu Station.

Buses run from 6.10 am from JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu until 6.07 pm. From Takamatsu Airport buses run from 9.15am until 9.30pm.

See www.kotoden.co.jp for full details.

Long Distance Bus terminal, south side of JR Takamatsu Station, Shikoku, Japan.
Long Distance Bus terminal, south side of JR Takamatsu Station

Highway Buses

Takamatsu Station is a highway bus terminus for buses to various destinations in Shikoku and beyond. There are highway bus services to Shinjuku Bus Station (Busta Shinjuku) in Tokyo (9 hours, 30 mins), Nagoya (7 hours, 45 mins) and Yokohama (9 hours).

In addition there are highway buses to Fukuoka (9 hours), Namba and JR Osaka Station (3 hours, 15 minutes), Hiroshima Bus Station (3 hours, 30 minutes), Kochi (2 hours, 10 minutes) and Matsuyama (2 hours, 40 minutes).

A Shikoku Highway Bus 3-day Rider is available for 6,600 yen for adults.

Takamatsu ferry port.
Takamatsu Ferry Port - all the ferries leave from here except the Jumbo Ferry to Kobe
Takamatsu ferry port.
Takamatsu Ferry Port


There are ferry connections from Takamatsu Ferry Port and other ports in Kagawa Prefecture, Shikoku to various destinations in Honshu and the Inland Sea.

These include boats to Kobe, Okayama and to Naoshima, Shodoshima, Megishima and Ogishima (Megijima & Ogijima) in the Inland Sea.

From Takamatsu Port boats to Naoshima take about one hour. There are sailings at 8.12am, 9.15am, 10.14am, 10.55am,12.40pm, 3.35pm, 5.05pm, 6.05pm and 7.45pm to Miyanoura on Naoshima.

From Takamatsu Port boats to Shodoshima take about one hour. There are sailings at 6.25am, 7.10am, 8.02am, 9am, 9.55am, 10.40am, 11.35am, 12.35pm, 1.40pm, 3.10pm, 4pm, 5.20pm, 5.50pm, 6.45pm and 8.20pm to Tonosho on Shodoshima.

www.shikokuferry.com (Tel: 087 851 8171)

The Jumbo Ferry (Tel: 087 811 6688) links Kobe Port with Shodoshima (3 hours) and Takamatsu (4 hours- 4 hours, 30 minutes). A free shuttle bus links Takamatsu Station with the Jumbo Ferry Terminal to the east.

www.ferry.co.jp (PDF)

Megijima and Ogijima are reached by ferry from Takamatsu with a departure roughly every two hours. The journey takes 20 minutes to Megijima (370 yen) and 40 minutes to Ogijima (510 yen).

There are sailings from Takamatsu Port at 8am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm and 6.10pm.


Kawaramachi Station, Takamamatsu, Kagawa, Shikoku.
Kawaramachi Station - the transport hub for downtown Takamatsu, Kotoden trains and buses
Kotoden Ayagawa decorated with sights of the Ayagawa district.
Kotoden Ayagawa decorated with sights of the Ayagawa district


Taxis ranks can be found at both Takamatsu and Kawaramachi stations. Taxi companies operating in Takamatsu include:

Kagawa Taxis: 087 879 2074
Kotoden Taxis: 087 843 1266
Takamatsu Taxis: 087 821 8711
Yashima Taxis: 087 843 7733
Kotohira Kotsu: 0877 73 2221

Kotoden Takamatsu Chikko Station.
Kotoden Takamatsu Chikko Station
Kotoden Shido Station, terminal of the Shido Line.
Kotoden Shido Station, terminal of the Shido Line

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