Tsurumai Line

Tsurumai Line 鶴舞線

Tsurumai Line, Yagoto, Nagoya.
Tsurumai Line Carriage, Akaike, Nagoya

The Tsurumai Line in Nagoya is one of the six main subway lines of the Nagoya subway system.

The Tsurumai Line, which is marked blue on subway maps, extends 20.4km east to west from from Kami Otai (T01) in the north west of the city to Akaike (T20) in Nisshin in the east.

The Tsurumai Line is a real work horse of the Nagoya metro as it funnels commuters and shoppers in to central Nagoya from the large dormitory towns of Inuyama and Toyota.

The Tsurumai Line continues from Akaike as the Meitetsu Toyota Line to Toyota. From Kami Otai the Tsurumai Line continues as the Meitetsu Inuyama Line to Inuyama.

Parts of the Tsurumai Line first opened in 1977. The main interchange stations on the Tsurumai Line are Fushimi (for Nagoya Station), Marunouchi, Kamimaezu (for Sakae), Gokiso and Yagoto.

Tsurumai Line, Yagoto, Nagoya.
Tsurumai Line Train, Yagoto, Nagoya
Tsurumai Line, Yagoto, Nagoya.
Tsurumai Line Train, Nagoya

Tsurumai Line Stations

There are twenty stations on the Tsurumai Line. From west to east they are: Kami Otai, Shonai Ryokuchi Koen, Shonai-dori, Joshin, Sengen-cho, Marunouchi, Fushimi, Osu Kannon, Kamimaezu, Tsurumai, Arahata, Gokiso, Kawana, Irinaka, Yagoto, Shiogama-guchi, Ueda, Hara, Hirabari and Akaike.

Kami Otai Station

Kami Otai is the western terminus of the Tsurumai Line with Meitetsu Line connections to Inuyama. Bus services from Nishiharu Station, the stop north of Kami Otai run out to Komaki Airport.

Shonai Ryokuchi Koen Station

Shonai Ryokuchi Koen Station is adjacent to the large Shonai Ryokuchi Koen, one of the biggest green spaces in Nagoya.

Shonai-dori Station

Shonai-dori Station is south of the Shonai River and west of Shiga Park.

Joshin Station

Joshin is convenient for visiting Meijo Koen and Nagoya Castle if traveling from the north.

Sengen-cho Station

Sengen-cho Station is close to Meijo Koen, known for its cherry blossom, Nagoya Castle and the luxury Westin Nagoya Castle Hotel.

Marunouchi Station

Marunouchi is part of Nagoya's business district in the Meieki district of town close to Nagoya Station. There are numerous hotels in Marunouchi and the Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau is located close to the station. Marunouchi Station is an interchange station with the Sakura-dori Line.

Fushimi Station

Fushimi is the heart of Nagoya's commercial center: banks, financial institutions and insurance companies. Fushimi Station is an interchange station with the Higashiyama Line and is just one stop east of Nagoya Station. A large number of hotels are located here including Nagoya's Hilton Hotel. Other attractions close to Fushimi include the Electricity Museum and in Shirakawa Park, south of Fushimi subway station, the Nagoya City Science Museum and Nagoya City Art Museum.

Tsurumai Line, Yagoto, Nagoya.
Tsurumai Line Train, Yagoto, Nagoya
Tsurumai Line, Yagoto, Nagoya.
Yagoto Station Sign, Tsurumai Line Train, Yagoto, Nagoya

Osu Kannon Station

Osu Kannon is Nagoya's version of Tokyo's Akihabara and Harajuku rolled into one. Electronics, hip fashion, cool eateries plus Nagoya's signature second-hand stores predominate. The area has a number of covered arcades (shotengai) radiating out from Osu Kannon Temple. Another famous temple in the Osu Kannon area is Banshoji.

Kamimaezu Station

Kamimaezu merges into Osu and connects with the circular Meijo Line. Change here if coming from the east to get to the shopping and entertainment mecca of Sakae.

Tsurumai Station

Tsurumai Station has connections via JR Tsurumai Station to Nagoya StationKanayama Station, Chikusa Station, Ozone Station and then north east to Kasugai, Kozoji, Jokoji, Tajimi, Toki, Ena and Nakatsugawa. Just outside Tsurumai Station is Tsurumai Park, known for its cherry blossom in spring and Nagoya's largest hospital, Nagoya University Hospital.

Arahata Station

Arahata is a quiet neighborhood directly south of the next station Gokiso.

Gokiso Station

Gokiso connects with the Sakura-dori Line. Gokiso is a small shopping and dining hub with a few interesting cafes and restaurants.

Kawana Station

Kawana Station is located in a fairly quiet, residential area of the city.

Tsurumai Line, Yagoto, Nagoya.
Tsurumai Line Train, Gokiso, Nagoya

Irinaka Station

Irinaka Station is close to Nanzan University, Nanzan Catholic Church and the Showa Museum of Art.

Yagoto Station

Yagoto Station connects with the Meijo Line and is a small entertainment and dining hub close to Chukyo University, Koshoji Temple and the vast Yagoto Cemetery.

Shiogama-guchi Station

Shiogama-guchi Station is the nearest station to the Tempaku campus of Meijo University, Nagoya's largest university. A number of izakaya and student-orientated bars and restaurants dot the area.

Ueda Station

The area around Ueda Station includes a 24-hour supermarket, a sushi restaurant, branches of the Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ and Sumitomo-Mitsui banks, and a number of bars, cafes and izakaya.

Hara Station

Hara Station has bus links to Hirabari Station and to the eastern suburbs of the city. The area around Hara Station has a number of cafes, bars and restaurants. Tenpaku Bunka Ko Gekijo (天白文化小劇場; Tenpaku Hara Theater; Tel: 052 806 8060) is part of the building above the station. This small 350-seat theater puts on theater, music and other performances.

Hirabari Station

Hirabari Station is the nearest subway station to Nagoya Driving License Center and Nagoya Agricultural Center, famous for its plum blossoms in early spring. Buses from Hirabari run out to Hongo and the Nagoya Driving License Center.

Akaike Station

Akaike Station is a short walk from the Nagoya City Tram and Subway Museum. A vast shopping mall, Akaike Hills is currently under construction close to the station. There are bus services to Toyota, Nagoya Shoka University, Yufukuji and Toyota Nishi High School.

Tsurumai Line, Yagoto, Nagoya.
Tsurumai Line, Nagoya

From Akaike Station the Meitetsu Toyota Line runs to Nisshin, Komenoki, Kurozasa, Miyoshigaoka, Josui, Kami Toyota, Umetsubo and Toyota.

Some trains from Kami Otai terminate at Akaike, some run through to Toyota.

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