ICOCA & Haruka

ICOCA & Haruka

The ICOCA card is a pre-paid transport/e-money IC card issued in the Kansai area. Haruka is a special express train serving Kansai International Airport. Buying an ICOCA IC card entitles tourists to Japan arriving at and/or leaving from Kansai International Airport to also purchase a discounted ticket for the Haruka train.

This ICOCA & Haruka set is offered by JR West and consists of an ICOCA pre-paid smartcard with 1,500 yen pre-charged and a discount Haruka Express ticket for travel to and from Kansai International Airport.

The Haruka service runs between Kansai Interntional Airport and Kyoto with stops on the way in Osaka (Tennoji in the south of the city, and Shin-Osaka Station, which is near Osaka Station).

Haruka Express, Kyoto, Japan.
Haruka Express between Kyoto Station and Kansai International Airport (KIX)

Haruka Destination Stations

Using the discounted Haruka ticket gives you the added bonus of, if traveling from Kansai International Airport, being able to change trains and go all the way to a destination station that is not on the Haruka line, using the one ticket; or, if travelling to Kansai International Airport, of leaving from a station not necessarily on the Haruka line, using the one ticket.

There are four areas whose stations can be traveled to or from using the discounted Haruka ticket: Osaka (13 stations), Kyoto (4 stations), Kobe (3 stations), Nara (2 stations). See the map below for further details.

NOTE ABOUT THE KYOTO AREA Although some Haruka trains go beyond Kyoto as far as Maibara, the ICOCA & Haruka covers the journey only as far as Kyoto, Nijo, Uzumasa and Saga-Arashiyama stations. To continue to Maibara, you have to exit the ticket wicket once at Kyoto station using your Haruka ticket, and re-enter using your ICOCA card.

ICOCA & Haruka.
ICOCA & Haruka Map - Haruka route in blue. © JR West

The ICOCA card is valid on the Osaka Loop Line, Osaka subway, Kyoto subway, Kobe subway, Osaka buses, Kyoto buses and Kobe buses plus other transport providers in the Kansai area.

The ICOCA & Haruka set is a way of encouraging visitors to use the ICOCA card by offering the discounted Haruka ticket as a bonus. They can be purchased together as a set, or the Haruka discount ticket can be purchased at a later date by showing your ICOCA card and your passport (to prove you are here as a tourist).

ICOCA & Haruka Types & Prices

The following are the prices for the ICOCA & Haruka set and for a separate Haruka Discount Ticket if purchased some time after purchasing an ICOCA card.

Area Haruka Station ICOCA & Haruka Haruka ticket only
Get on/off or change here Bought as a set After buying ICOCA
One-way Return One-way Return
Osaka Tennoji 3,100 4,200 1,100 2,200
Shin-Osaka 3,300 4,600 1,300 2,600
Kyoto Kyoto 3,600 5,200 1,600 3,200
Kobe Shin-Osaka 3,500 5,000 1,500 3,000
Nara Tennoji 3,400 4,800 1,400 2,800

Savings made by using the ICOCA & Haruka range from 930 yen one-way (890 yen return) saved for Kansai Intl Airport-Tennoji up to 1,250 yen one-way (1,630 yen return) saved for Kansai Intl Airport-Kyoto.


  • - The ICOCA & Haruka is for foreign visitors entering Japan with a "Temporary Visitor" visa. It is NOT valid for foreign residents of Japan or Japanese citizens.
  • - To be used on non-reserved seats of the Haruka Express
  • - Non-transferable
  • - One use per visit
  • - The One Way Haruka discount ticket must be used on the day of purchase; the Round Trip Haruka discount ticket is valid for 14 days
  • - The ICOCA card's 500 yen deposit (and any remaining balance minus a 220 yen handling fee) can be refunded at any JR ticket counter in Kansai

Where to Buy the ICOCA & Haruka

The ICOCA & Haruka Exchange Order can be purchased at the JR ticket counter at Kansai International Airport.

For further details see the JR West website for information in Chinese, Korean and English.

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