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Holidays in Japan

Japan remains one of the world's more rewarding holiday destinations - a rich cultural heritage, efficient transport, great food, polite and friendly people plus safe city streets can add up to the holiday of a lifetime.

Many first-time visitors may choose to join an organized tour of Japan to enjoy the country's delights without the trouble of language and organizing transport and hotels.

However, getting around Japan is not difficult if you have pre-purchased a Japan Rail Pass for quick and easy travel on the Japanese shinkansen (bullet train) and other JR trains.

Japan holidays.
Japan Holidays, John Lander

Hotels can also easily be booked online in Japan's major cities such as Kyoto and Tokyo before you book a flight to the country.

Classic Japan holidays would probably focus on the main island of Honshu and take in the capital Tokyo, with maybe side trips to nearby Hakone, Nikko, Mt Fuji and Kamakura and then a trip on the shinkansen to visit the ancient capitals of Kyoto and Nara before returning to Tokyo and your departing flight.

Although both Tokyo and Kyoto are considered must-see Japan holiday destinations, visitors may also consider visiting one of Japan's other main but smaller islands: Hokkaido, Shikoku or Kyushu and purchasing a JR Rail Pass just for that region.

Hokkaido is becoming increasingly popular with Asian and Australian visitors for skiing holidays. The skiing resort of Niseko, not far from Sapporo is particularly popular for its pristine snow.

Shikoku offers a number of historical Japanese castles, onsen hot springs and unspoilt mountain countryside as well as the ancient pilgrimage route to 88 Shinto shrines on the island.

Kyushu is a wonderful holiday destination offering active volcanoes, a great coastline, and some historic towns and cities for the visitor: a tour including Nagasaki, Kumamoto and Fukuoka could be a holiday of a life-time and a completely different vacation experience to the more common Golden Triangle of Tokyo, Kyoto and Nara.

Okinawa offers some of the world's best snorkelling and scuba-diving holidays on such dreamy, exotic islands as Miyakojima and Iriomote.

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Specialist Holidays

More and more visitors to Japan are choosing to visit the country as part of a specialist holiday, whether it is skiing in Japan's mountains, walking its historic Edo Period highways, immersing yourself in anime and manga in Tokyo's Akihabara district or experiencing a meditation course at one of Japan's Buddhist temples. Other popular Japan holiday options are watching a sumo basho, seeing Japan in cherry blossom season or visiting the country to see the spectacular autumn foliage.

Whatever Japan holiday you choose, we hope you will return again and again to enjoy what this amazing country has to offer.

Japan holidays.
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