All Shikoku Rail Pass

All Shikoku Rail Pass

The All Shikoku Rail Pass covers all trains running on the 1,100km rail network on the island of Shikoku plus other trains and trams on the Asato Line, Kotoden Line, Iyotetsu Line and Tosaden Line.

Passes are available for 2-, 3-, 4- and 5 consecutive days.

All Shikoku Rail Pass
2-day pass 6.300 yen
3-day pass 7,200 yen
4-day pass 7,900 yen
5-day pass 9,700 yen
Children aged 6-11 50% off
Yosan Line Anpanman Train, Shikoku, Japan.
Yosan Line Anpanman Train
Kotoden Train, Takamatsu, Shikoku, Japan.
Kotoden Train, Takamatsu


  • Valid throughout the designated Shikoku area on JR trains, the Asa Kaigan Railway Asato Line between Kaifu and Kannoura, Kotoden Line (Takamatsu), Iyotetsu Line (Matsuyama), Tosa Kuroshio Line and Tosaden trains and trams (Kochi).
  • Discounted fare on Nangoku Express buses between Matsuyama and Kochi.
  • Discounted fare on the Nankai Ferry connecting Tokushima Port and Wakayama Port.
  • Discounted fare on the Ishizaki Kisen and Setonaikaikisen ferries/high-speed boats between Matsuyama Port and Hiroshima Port.
  • The All Shikoku Rail Pass is valid until Kojima Station, the first station north of Seto Ohashi Bridge on Honshu.
  • The All Shikoku Rail Pass is restricted to foreign nationals visiting Japan for sightseeing on a tourist visa of 90 days or less upon arrival.
  • For further details see:

    Marine Liner Train, Shikoku, Japan.
    Marine Liner Train
    Koichi Tram, Kochi, Shikoku, Japan.
    Kochi Tram

    Where to Buy the All Shikoku Rail Pass

    The All Shikoku Rail Pass can be purchased at the main railway stations in Takamatsu, Matsuyama, Tokushima and Kochi. The All Shikoku Rail Pass is also available at JR Shikoku Travel Center (Warp) branches: Warp Takamatsu , Warp Matsuyama , Warp Tokushima, Warp Kochi, Sakaide Station Warp Plaza and the Warp Umeda branch at JR Osaka Station in Umeda, Osaka. The All Shikoku Rail Pass can also be bought overseas online or through various travel agents: JTB, Kinki Nippon Tourist, Nippon Travel Agency, Tobu Top Tours, and JALPAK branches. The voucher you receive can be exchanged at one of the sales offices in Japan mentioned above.

    The Shikoku Free Kippu is a more expensive 3-day pass available to residents of Japan.

    Koichi Tram, Kochi, Shikoku, Japan.
    Kochi Tram

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