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Japan Time Differences With The Rest of the World

Japan uses Japan Standard Time, which is the standard time zone for Japan and is UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)/GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) +9 hours.

Japan adopted Japan Standard Time in 1886 when the Meiji government issued an Imperial Ordinance to regulate a standard time throughout the country. Previously in the Edo Period, local regions each used a time zone where noon was set to when the sun was exactly to the south.

Daylight Saving Time in Japan

Japan does not use daylight saving time. Also, there are no time differences within Japan. The time in the whole Japanese archipelago from Hokkaido to Okinawa is always the same.

Flower clock, Toyohashi, Japan.

What's the time in Japan compared with the rest of the world?

Daylight saving time was introduced to Japan in the post-War U.S. occupation period but was gotten rid of in 1952 as soon as Japan regained full sovereignty, due to strong opposition from farmers. The Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) has pressed for its reintroduction to help reduce Japan's energy consumption, but continued opposition from farmers and the Ministry of Education, which was concerned longer summer evenings would have a detrimental effect on school children's homework, means that Japan remains one of the few developed nations not to use daylight saving time. The issue was debated again after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami and again rejected.

Japan Standard Time

Japan Standard Time and Korea Standard Time have the same deviation from UTC of (+ 9 hours).

Current Time in Tokyo

Time Differences Japan | World

What's the time difference between Japan and...?

Bulgaria (-7 hours)
Croatia (-8 hours)
Czech Republic (-8 hours)
Denmark (-8 hours)
England (-9 hours)
France (-8 hours)
Germany (-8 hours)
Greece (-7 hours)
Holland (-8 hours)
Italy (-8 hours)
Latvia (-7 hours)
Portugal (-9 hours)
Russia (-6 hours)
Spain (-8 hours)
Sweden (-8 hours)
Switzerland (-8 hours)
Ukraine (-7 hours)

Accra (-9 hours)
Angola (-8 hours)
Argentina (-12 hours)
Auckland (+4 hours)
Beijing (-1 hour)
Cairo (-7 hours)
Costa Rica (-15 hours)
Dallas (-15 hours)
Doha (-6 hours)
Dublin (-9 hours)
Djibouti (-6 hours)
Esfahan (-5.30 hours)
Ghana (-9 hours)
Hanoi (-2 hours)
Hong Kong (-1 hour)
Iran (-5.30 hours)
Ireland (-9 hours)
Jakarta (-2 hours)
Japan (0)
Johannesburg (-7 hours)
Korea (0)
Kyiv (-7 hours)
Kyoto (0)
Las Vegas (-17 hours)
Lome (-9 hours)
Los Angeles (-17 hours)
Luanda (-8 hours)
Madrid (-8 hours)
Malaysia (-1 hour)
Mexico (-15 hours)
Montreal (-14 hours)
Moscow (-6 hours)
New Delhi (-3:30 hours)
New York (-14 hours)
Oklahoma City (-15 hours)
Orlando (-14 hours)
Ottawa (-14 hours)
Paraguay (-12 hours)
Perth (0)
Philadelphia (-14 hours)
Port of Spain (-13 hours)
Reykjavik (-9 hours)
Rio de Janeiro (-11 hours)
Saudi Arabia (-6 hours)
Seoul (0)
Shanghai (-1 hour)
Singapore (-1 hour)
Sydney (+2 hours)
Tbilisi (-5 hours)
Tehran (-5.30 hours)
Thailand (-2 hours)
Tokyo (0)
Toronto (-14 hours)
Tunisia (-8 hours)
UK (-9 hours)
Vancouver (-17 hours)
Vladivostok (+1 hour)
Wellington (+4 hours)
Winnipeg (-15 hours)
Yamoussoukro (-9 hours)

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