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While regular domestic airfares in Japan are sky-high, discounts do exist.

JapanVisitor.com guides you through the friendly and cheaper skies.

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For foreign visitors only:

JAL Welcome To Japan Fare

13,650 Yen per domestic flight
Note: not available to residents of Japan

This fare offers domestic flights at the fixed rate of 13,650 yen per sector, including tax. It can be used to all cities in Japan served by JAL and its subsidiaries, JAL Express (JEX) and Japan TransOcean Air (JTA). This fare is available overseas only and is not on sale in Japan. The air tickets have to be booked outside Japan.
Please note that there are blackout periods during peak seasons (mainly in early-May, mid-August, and around the New Year).

Japan Air Travel.
Japan Air Travel.

oneworld Yokoso Visit Japan Fare

Note: not available to residents of Japan

This fare can be used to 42 cities in Japan served by JAL and two regional subsidiaries, JAL Express (JEX), based in Itami Airport, Osaka, and Japan TransOcean Air (JTA), based in Naha, Okinawa.

A key difference between the "Welcome to Japan Fare" and the oneworld Yokoso/Visit Japan Fare, is that travelers using the original "Welcome to Japan Fare" can use oneworld carriers or any other airline serving Japan for their international flights to and from Japan, whereas the new, lower priced, oneworld Yokoso/Visit Japan Fare is available only to travelers using oneworld carriers to and from Japan.

ANA Visit Japan Fare

13,650 Yen (incl. tax) per domestic flight
Note: not available to residents of Japan

If you fly to Japan on any airline, you can purchase between two and five domestic flights operated by the ANA Group for only 13,000 Yen per flight. The tickets have to be booked outside of Japan.
Please note that there are blackout periods during peak seasons (mainly in early-May, mid-August, and around the New Year).

Star Alliance Japan Airpass

11,550 Yen (incl. tax) per domestic flight up to 5 flights
Note: not available to residents of Japan

This is basically the same as the "ANA Visit Japan Fare - the plan above - but for the lower price and that you must fly to Japan on a member airline of the Star Alliance: ANA, United Airlines, Air Canada, Lufthansa, Thai and several other airlines.

For foreign visitors and residents of Japan:

ANA/JAL Birthday Discount

12,000 Yen per domestic flight within one week of your birthday.
You and up to three accompanying passengers can purchase a domestic flight that departs within seven days of your birthday for only 12,000 Yen per flight per person. Tickets must be reserved at least four weeks in advance of the flight date.

JAL Bargain Fare and ANA Chowari

Over 50 percent off domestic flights
Large discounts are available on domestic flights for certain boarding dates when booked during a given reservation period. Please refer to the table below:

Reservation Period Boarding Dates

July 9-18 September 9-13
July 22-31 September 22, 24
Below are the discounted fares for one-way tickets on selected major routes. There are also discounts available on many other routes.

Boarding Dates
Route September
Tokyo-Sapporo 12,000 Yen
Tokyo-Osaka 9,000 Yen
Tokyo-Fukuoka 12,000 Yen
Tokyo-Okinawa 13,000 Yen
Osaka-Sapporo 12,000 Yen
Osaka-Okinawa 12,000 Yen
Example: If you fly from Tokyo to Okinawa on September 9 and reserve the ticket between July 9 and 18, it will cost only 13,000 Yen.

JAL Time Waribiki and ANA Totsuzen Waribiki

Around 60 percent off domestic flights
This plan is for travelers who are making travel plans at the last minute. It applies to the purchase of two or more round trip tickets on specified flights leaving on weekends, and when booked 10 or fewer days in advance of the boarding date.

Advance Purchase Discount

ANA and JAL offer discounts on domestic flights if you reserve your ticket in advance, as shown below:

Advance Reservation Applicable Flights Typical Discounts

at least 21 days most flights 25% - 40%
at least 7 days selected flights 20% - 35%
at least 1 day selected flights 10% - 30%

Internet Discount

Around 10-20 percent off domestic flights.
JAL and ANA offer discounts of 10-20 percent on domestic flights when you book on their website.

Japan Air Travel.

Discount Airlines

Around 20 percent less than JAL and ANA
Discount airlines such as Air Do on the Tokyo-Sapporo route and Skymark Airlines on the Tokyo-Fukuoka Kagoshima routes, offer many of the same type of discounts as JAL and ANA, but prices are usually around 20 percent less. Other special offers include:

Based at Kansai International Airport (KIX) Peach presently flies to Fukuoka, Sapporo, Nagasaki and Kagoshima.
Air Do Special
Tokyo-Sapporo for 10,000 Yen if reserved at least 45 days in advance.
Skymark Super Advance Discount
Tokyo-Fukuoka or Tokyo-Kagoshima for 11,000 Yen if reserved at least 49 days in advance.
Jetstar flies Narita to Chitose, Narita to Fukuoka, Narita to KIX, Narita to Naha and from KIX to Chitose and KIX to Fukuoka.

Roundtrip Fare
Around 10 percent off domestic flights
On domestic routes, roundtrip tickets are typically around ten percent cheaper than two one-way tickets.
Note: the return trip has to be made within a certain time frame, usually within 90 days following the first leg.

Early morning and late night flights
Some early morning and late night flights are reduced by around 10-20 percent.

Main Source: japan-guide.com

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