Kyoto Weather

Kyoto Weather 京都の天気

Kyoto, situated in a narrow basin surrounded by mountains on three sides has a justified reputation for its ferocious summer weather of high heat and sapping humidity with few cooling breezes.

The mercury can easily top 35 degrees Centigrade in the dog days of August with little respite even at night. Some relief from the elements can be found in mountain villages such as Kurama or cooling off on the beaches of the Japan Sea coast of Kyoto Prefecture to the north.

The city's slightly elevated location also guarantees cold winters with the temperature a few degrees lower than in the coastal cities of Osaka and Kobe to the south.

Spring and autumn are the best times to appreciate the city when day time temperatures average in the mid to low 20s and evenings are cooler still.

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Kyoto rainy season.
The Shirakawa River in Kyoto during the city's hot, wet and humid rainy season or tsuyu


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