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Alan Wiren

Alan Wiren is an American journalist in Osaka.

Articles on Japan and Japanese culture by Osaka-based journalist Alan Wiren.

Alan Wiren is a journalist living and working in Japan. He began his career as a staff writer at a tri-state newspaper in the United States.

While traveling through and living in the Far East he has published articles in Kansai Time Out, Kansai Scene and other publications, about travel and English teaching. He was a columnist for a magazine for Japanese learners of English, and co-authored an English conversation text.

He currently lives with his wife, in Osaka, and works as a freelancer, writing mainly about Japanese food, culture, and travel destinations. Alan Wiren's website is

Japanese food

Chopsticks in Japan
Instant Noodles Museum
Japanese Green Tea
Japanese Knives
Japanese Seaweed: Essence and Accents from the Sea
Japan's Traditional Food Styles
Raamen Noodles
Soba Dojo
Soy Sauce: An Honorable Savor
Takoyaki: Icon of Osaka
Western Food in Japan

Japanese history, religion, temples & festivals

Blood Soaked Temples of Kyoto
Danjiri Festival Kishiwada
Ebisu & Daikoku: Bringing Home the Bounty
Hamamatsu Festival: the Children's Battle
Japanese Funerals
Muroji Temple, Nara: A Dragon Runs Through It
The Sakai Incident
'To the Stronger Spirit': Nanzenji Temple Complex, Kyoto
'To the Winner Goes the Eye': Katsuoji Temple

Japanese travel

Akame Shijuhataki
Culture Shock in Japan
Hakodate Guide
Lake Biwa Canal Museum of Kyoto
Living the Echizen Style
Naoshima Art Island
Sakai City Guide
Shodoshima - Japan's Olive Island
Wakayama Marina City

Japanese crafts

Japanese Fans
Japanese Lacquerware: the lustrous charm of urushi

Japanese trends

"Cosplay" - the cult of costume play in Japan
Mobile Phones - keitai


Nakanoshima Guide
Namba Guide
Nipponbashi Guide
Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts
Shinsaibashi Guide
Tempozan Guide
Tenjin Matsuri
Umeda Guide
Tennoji Guide
Liberty Museum
Osaka Shopping

Books on Japan

Goods From Japan to your home or business.