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Japan horoscopes.

There are an increasing number of Japanese who are aware of their zodiac sign in the astrological system we use in the West; Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus, etc, but the chances are that if you ask a Japanese "What's your sign?", the answer you get will be "I'm a rat", or "I'm a horse". What they are referring to is the 12 year cycle of animal years, known in Japan as junishi. Like many aspects of Japanese culture, the junishi was introduced from China about 1200 to 1300 years ago.

Blood Types You Are What You Bleed

Blood Type Condom Machine.

In Japan, you are what you bleed. Blood type is a common way of defining temperament and personality, much like horoscopes in Western countries. It all started in 1931 in Japan. Furukawa Takeji (18911940) proposed that there was a link between blood type and personality after working in the administration department of a high school and observing the temperamental differences between applicants.

by Sian Thatcher

12 Animals Of The Oriental Zodiac Dolls By Obata Makato.

Dolls by Obata Makato.

A well-known folk artist in Japan, Obata Makoto has been making papier-mache animals for 25 years in the deep countryside of Shimane prefecture in south west Japan. Each animal is individually hand fashioned and painted. The original form is made of clay, from which a papier-mache model is produced. Then each animal is hand painted. Many of the 12 animals have the Chinese character for "Good Luck" painted on them.
Every animal has a "bobbing" head, which is attached with a fine wire.

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