7-chome Kyoboshi

Michelin Three Stars: 7-chome Kyoboshi 七丁目京星

7-chome Kyoboshi (pronounced nana chomeh kyoboshi) is a tempura restaurant in Tokyo's Ginza district.

7-chome Kyoboshi is an unremarkable restaurant in location and looks, on the sixth floor of a very ordinary building in Ginza. The service at 7-chome Kyoboshi is what you would expect at any restaurant. The staff wear jeans under their standard white work aprons.

The Michelin three-stars that 7-chome Kyoboshi restaurant was somehow awarded are due entirely to the food - nothing else. Yet, having said that, the tempura here is exquisite, and has nothing at all in common with the greasy coagulations of seafood that are slapped on blotting paper at run-of-the-mill joints.

The ingredients used at 7-chome Kyoboshi are of the very highest quality, and their texture and flavor is miraculously preserved in spite of - and enhanced thanks to - the subtle deep frying they received at the hands of 7-chome Kyoboshi's master owner-chef Sakakibara.

However, 7-chome Kyoboshi is exorbitantly priced. Only consider dining at 7-chome Kyoboshi if you are so rich that thirty to forty thousand yen per head - perhaps a little more - is worth it just to see what really good tempura can taste like. You do not get anything else for your money in terms of an evening out. 7-chome Kyoboshi is not the place for a date.

7-chome Kyoboshi

7-chome Kyoboshi cost per person

30,000 yen +

7-chome Kyoboshi Hours

Closed Sunday and public holidays

7-chome Kyoboshi Access

6F, Oshio Ginza Building
5-5-9 Ginza
Chuo-ku, Tokyo
東京都中央区銀座5-5-9 オージオ銀座ビル6F

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