Genyadana Hamadaya

Michelin Three Stars: Genyadana Hamadaya 玄冶店 濱田家

Genyadana Hamadaya is a large restaurant serving traditional Japanese cuisine from Japan's Kansai region, and located in Tokyo's Nihonbashi district.

Genyadana Hamadaya is historically the richest of Tokyo's Michelin three-star restaurants. Genyadana Hamadaya's roots go back to its founding in 1912, but even further back with the name Hamadaya which takes after a famous geisha of the Meiji Period.

Genyadana Hamadaya still has its geisha connection, and geisha parties are available, where guests are served and entertained in the old geisha tradition.

Genyadana Hamadaya serves both lunch (from 15,000 yen) and dinner (from 25,000 yen). The food is traditional kaiseki Japanese cuisine from the Kansai region. The Kansai region includes the former imperial capital city, Kyoto, and Osaka, the supposed food capital of Japan, so has a reputation for good cuisine.

The food at Genyadana Hamadaya is delightful in its seasonal color, the delicacy and imagination of its presentation, its gracious service, and of course its exquisite flavors.

Genyadana Hamadaya is housed in a grand old traditional building of its own, and is approached down a cobbled pathway with stone lanterns amid Japanese garden.

Genyadana Hamadaya has several different rooms, both Western-style and Japanese-style, traditional rather than glamorous, with a view out the windows of traditional Japanese gardens.

Genyadana Hamadaya is the perfect place to visit if you want a real and unforgettable taste of old Japan, or to to show that special visitor what Japanese cuisine is all about.

Genyadana Hamadaya is rare in having parking space, for 6 cars.

Genyadana Hamadaya has a branch restaurant in the Midtown complex in Roppongi.

Genyadana Hamadaya, Tokyo, Japan.
Genyadana Hamadaya

Genyadana Hamadaya cost per person

Lunch: 15,000 - 25,000 yen
Dinner: 30,000 yen +

Genyadana Hamadaya Hours

By reservation at Genyadana Hamadaya

Genyadana Hamadaya Access

3-13-5 Nihonbashi Ningyo-cho
Chuo-ku, Tokyo
03 3661 5940

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