Michelin Three Stars: Kanda かんだ

Kanda is a restaurant serving Japanese cuisine, run by Hiroyuki Kanda in Tokyo's Moto-Azabu district, not far from Roppongi. Kanda has been a culinary presence in the area since 2004 when he left his position at the famous Basara in Akasaka to go independent.

Kanda is a small restaurant located in the backstreets of Moto-Azabu that can take some finding.

Kanda has a counter seating eight, plus a small private room that seats six. Kanda's interior is very sharply and elegantly styled, embodying the contemporary-but-traditional-based Japanese cuisine that Kanda serves.

The high quality wood, in particular, used in Kanda's interior gives it an air of relaxed refinement.

Kanda is typical for this kind of restaurant in its presentation: small plates and dishes ordered in quantity to eat while drinking. The menu even includes sushi (conger eel highly recommended).

The owner-chef, Hiroyuki Kanda, and his wife are a friendly presence, and the mood is calm and relaxed. Kanda is distinguished by having a female cook in its kitchen - something of a rarity in the man's world of Japanese cuisine.

Kanda has a good selection of alcohols; although for this kind of restaurant, sake is definitely recommended over wine, as good as Kanda's wine selection is.

Having spent some years in France, chef Kanda is fluent in French.

Kanda, Tokyo, Japan.
© Kanda, Tokyo, Japan

Kanda cost per person

15,000 - 30,000 yen

Kanda Hours

6pm to 10.30pm (last order)

Kanda Access

1F, Calm Moto-Azabu Building
3-6-34 Moto-Azabu,
Minato-ku, Tokyo
東京都港区元麻布3-6-34 カーム元麻布1F
Tel. 03-5786-0150

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