Mizai Kyoto Restaurant

Michelin Three Stars: Mizai 未在

Mizai Restaurant, Kyoto

Current chef-owner of Mizai, Hitoshi Ishihara is a star on the Kyoto scene - and long before latecomer Michelin came along.

Ishihara was a chef at Kitcho Arashiyama for some 30 years before moving on to Mizai.

Because all meals are prepared there and then, you will not be served if you are late. Come 15 minutes early.

Mizai seats and serves 10 people. There is one serving, once a day (at night).

Once you arrive, you will be seated in an outer room and served tea.

Then you will be called to enter - and the meal begins.

Mizai Access

Mizai is located in Maruyama Park in Gion.
A ten-minute walk from Shijo Gion Station on the Keihan Line.

Instructions for Taxi (address in Japanese below)

未在までください。(Mizai madeh kudasai.)

Mizai Address

Tel: 075 551 3310
Maruyamakoen nai, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto.


Mizai Hours

5.30pm-10pm (last order 6pm)
Closed Mondays, last day of the month, end of year

Mizai Cost per Person

Dinner - 25,000 yen

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