Restaurant Quintessence

Michelin Three Stars: Restaurant Quintessence レストラン・カンテサンス

Restaurant Quintessence is a French restaurant in Tokyo's Shirokanedai district. (The "Quintessence" is therefore pronounced the French way.) Restaurant Quintessence offers French cuisine with a strong Japanese influence in terms of style and ingredients.

The owner-chef of Restaurant Quintessence, Shuzo Kishida, is young, born in 1974. His devotion to cuisine is evident in his espousal of the 3 processes: respect for the ingredients, pursuit of cooking process, and attention to seasoning detail.

Restaurant Quintessence serves both lunch and dinner. Lunch consists of 7 dishes (depending on availability of ingredients), which includes dessert with digestif. Dinner consists of 13 dishes. The make-up of the course is at the chef's discretion.

Restaurant Quintessence takes nouvelle cuisine to its limits with dishes invested with infinite care, but often positively minuscule, notwithstanding the large number of courses. These are truly portions for the most devout of diners.

Restaurant Quintessence is very chic in its decor, with a relaxed, subtly lit dining room done in shades of gold and brown.

In spite of its three stars from Michelin, Restaurant Quintessence gets mixed reviews, not least for arrogance on the part of its serving staff. When it comes to the quality of the fare, too, Restaurant Quintessence is the Tokyo Michelin three-star restaurant that opinions are divided over.

Reservations to Restaurant Quintessence generally must be made months in advance.

Restaurant Quintessence cost per person

Lunch: 10,000 - 15,000 yen
Dinner: 20,000 - 35,000 yen

Restaurant Quintessence Hours

Mon-Sat noon-3pm (last order 1pm) and 6.30-11pm (last order 10.30pm)
Closed Sundays and national holidays

Restaurant Quintessence Access

1F, Barbizon 25 Building
5-4-7 Shirokanedai
Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0071
東京都港区白金台5-4-7 Barbizon 25, 1F
Tel. 03 5791 3715

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