Japanese Universities

Universities in Japan by Prefecture

Japanese Universities.

See a comprehensive listing of universities in Japan, including foreign universities in Japan. Included on this page are universities in Aichi, Akita, Aomori, Chiba, Ehime, Fukui, Fukuoka and Fukushima prefectures.

Japanese universities may be four-year universities (daigaku 大学) or two year universities known as (tankidaigaku 短期大学) or Junior Colleges.

The majority of universities in Japan are private institutions but each prefecture may have one or two national or prefectural universities, usually located in the prefectural capital, where in general standards of students are higher and fees are lower.

Students do not live on campus and in general most Japanese students stay at home and commute to their studies at a local university or college.

The state universities and better private universities do attract students from all over Japan who will leave home and live in dormitories or private rented accommodation.

The Japanese school year begins in April and at university level consists of two semesters of 15 weeks. University entrance examinations are held in February with the national Center Exam held in January. Student university festivals take place in the autumn, usually in November.

Universities in Aichi

Japanese universities by prefecture

Aichi Bunkyo University
Aichi Bunkyo Women's College

Aichi Gakuin University

Aichi Institute of Technology
Aichi Kiwami College of Nursing
Aichi Konan College
Aichi Medical University
Aichi Mizuho Junior College
Aichi Prefectural College of Nursing & Health
Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music
Aichi University
Aichi University of Education
Chubu University
Chukyo University
Daido Institute of Technology
Doho University
Fujita Health University
Ichinomiya Women's Junior College
Japan Red Cross Toyota College of Nursing
Kinjo University
Meijo University
Nagoya Bunri College
Nagoya City University
Nagoya College
Nagoya College of Music
Nagoya Feminine Culture Junior College
Nagoya Gakuin University
Nagoya Institute of Technology
Nagoya Keizai University
Nagoya Management Junior College
Nagoya Sangyo University
Nagoya University
Nagoya University of Arts
Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences
Nagoya University of Commerce & Business
Nagoya University of Foreign Studies
Nagoya Women's University
Nagoya Zokei University of Art & Design

Nanzan University
Nihon Fukushi University
Okazaki Women's Junior College
Ohkagakuen College
Sanyo Women's College
St. Mary's College Nagoya
Sugiyama Jogakuen University Junior College
Tokaigakuen Women's College
Toyohashi University ofTechnology
Toyota Technological Institute

Universities in Akita

Akita International University
Akita Keizaihoka University
Akita Municipal Junior College of Arts and Crafts
Akita Prefectural University
Akita University
Misono Gakuen Junior College

Universities in Aomori

Aomori Akenohoshi Junior College
Aomori Chuo Gakuin University
Aomori Public College
Aomori University
Aomori University of Health and Welfare
Hachinohe Institute of Technology
Hachinohe University
Hirosaki Gakuin University
Hirosaki University
Hirosaki Welfare Junior College
Kitasato University School of Veterinary Medicine & Animal Sciences
Tohoku Women's College

Universities in Chiba

Chiba Institute of Technology
Chiba Keiai Junior College
Chiba Keizai University
Chiba Meitoku College
Chiba University
Chuogakuin University
Edogawa University
International Budo University
Japan Christian Junior College
Josai International University
Kanda University of International Studies
Kawamura Gakuen Women's University
Keiai University
Meikai University
Meteorogical College
Nihonbashi Gakkan University
Reitaku University
Seitoku University
Seiwa University
Shumei University
Shukutoku University
Showagakuin Junior College
Teikyo Heisei University
Teikyo Heisei Nursing Junior College
Tokyo Christian Institute
Tokyo Denki University
Tokyo Dental College
Tokyo Management College
Tokyo Seitoku University
Tokyo University of Information Sciences
Toyo Gakuen University
Uekusa Gakuen Junior College
Wayo Women's University

Universities in Ehime

Ehime University
Ehime Women's College
Imabari Meitoku Junior College
Matsuyama Shinonome College
Matsuyama University
St. Catherine University

Universities in Fukui

Fukui Prefectural University
Fukui University
Fukui University of Technology
Jin-ai University
Jin-ai Women's College
Tsuruga College

Universities in Fukuoka

Chikushi Jogakuen University
College of Heathcare Management‎
Daiichi College of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Fukuoka College of Health Sciences
Fukuoka Dental College
Fukuoka International University
Fukuoka Institute of Technology
Fukuoka Jo Gakuin University
Fukuoka Social Medical Welfare University
Fukuoka University
Fukuoka Women's University
Higashi Chikushi Junior College
Japan University of Economics
Junshin Women's Junior College
Koran Women's Junior College
Kurume Shin-Ai Women's College
Koran Women's Junior College
Kurume Institute of Technology
Kurume University
Kyushu Dental College
Kyushu Institute of Design
Kyushu Institute of Information Sciences
Kyushu International University
Kyushu Kyoritsu University
Kyushu Nutrition Welfare University
Kyushu Otani Junior College
Kyushu Sangyo University
Kyushu University
Kyushu Women's University‎
Kyushu Zokei Art College
Nakamura Gakuen University
Nishinippon Institute of Technology
Nishinippon Junior College
Orio Aishin Junior College
Orio Woman Junior College Economics
Seika Women's Junior College
Seinan Gakuin University
Seinan Jo Gakuin University
Sojo University
St. Mary's Educational Foundation
The Japanese Red Cross Kyushu International College of Nursing
Tohwa University
University of Kitakyushu
University of Occupational and Environmental Health

Universities in Fukushima

Fukushima College
Fukushima Medical University
Fukushima University
Higashi Nippon International University
Iwaki Meisei University
Koriyama Women's University
Nihon University College of Engineering
Ohu University
Sakura no Seibo Junior College
University of Aizu

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