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Japanese & English Language Learning & Teaching


Teaching in Japan - Want private students? English or any language. Free service for teachers Japan wide. Students contact you directly.



Apricotweb is a web site for Japanese or English language learners.



Learn English at Apronus.com: Advice and resources for English learners.



Azurlingua is a French school located in Nice, France, and specialized in teaching French as a foreign language.


Centro Mediterraneo Pintadera Italian Language School

Pintadera, Italian language and culture school in Alghero, Sardinia, open all year round, offers basic Italian language courses at various levels as well as culture courses, cooking courses, a children's Italian language course and a special vacationer's course.


Centro Puccini

Italian language school located in Italy offers study abroad programs. Learn Italian while learning Italian culture.


Ecclesia Japanese College - Friends of Internationals

Japanese lessons for BUSY PEOPLE, part-time Japanese lessons (once or twice a week), professional, certified & experienced Japanese teachers. Homely atmosphere, communicative approach with qualty lessons. Convenient location (Umeda, central Osaka), good price (1450~2000yen/ 45min lesson). Small class sizes (1-3 students), flexible time schedule, free level check and counseling anytime. All levels available.



Erudito provide professional editing services for academics and students. Our editing team, comprising PhD-qualified experts, specialises in presenting your findings professionally and eloquently, leaving you more time for research.


ESL Teachers Board

ESL Teachers Board Access is free and quick to view over 1,900 jobs offers for ESL teachers from all over the world. Also audio lessons in German, Spanish, French + ESL Teachers lessons and materials.


Find A Teacher

Need Students? Look no further! We are currently introducing over 1000 teachers to students weekly. If you would like to be found by people who want to study a foreign language, just visit us.


General Union

We are a legally registered Japanese labour union open to all nationalities from all walks of life. Formed in 1991, we have built a strong reputation by protecting workers' rights and improving working conditions especially among language teachers.


Istituto Linguistico Mediterraneo

We offer Italian language courses throughout the year at our language school in Pisa, Tuscany, and holiday courses in Italian at our language school on the coast in Viareggio, also in Tuscany. The school is accredited by the Ministery of Education in Italy (Ministero dell'Istruzione Italiano), by CSN in sweden and is a member of the ASILS (Association of schools in Italy offering italian as a second language).


Istituto Venezia

Istituto Venezia offers Italian language courses in the very centre of Venice. We offer 10 years of experience, young and motivated teachers, a friendly atmosphere and a unique location.


Italian language courses in Italy

Learn Italian in Florence, Milan, Syracuse, Lignano with Linguaviva Italian language schools. Cultural courses, vocational and internship programmes.


Italiano in Riviera

Italiano in Riviera has been involved in the field of language teaching for 10 years, offering courses of Italian in the wonderful island of Sardinia (Italia).


Japan English Teacher

Resources for teaching English and living in Japan. Find jobs and students, accommodations, Japan Teaching Exchange (JET) informations, japan guides and news, and english schools in Japan.



Japanistry currently has over 300 Japanese language schools throughout Japan in its database and let's students search by a range of criteria.


Japanese Online Institute

Take Japanese language lessons right from your home or office computer, in real time with certified, native Japanese language teachers. There's no need to commute to a schoollearn in the comfort of your own home or office.


JCareer: Japan Jobs and Careers

Find jobs and careers in Japan at JCareer. Search and apply for English jobs in Japan online.



Our schools in California, USA offer small interactive language classes in a variety of languages, including Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, French and Chinese, etc.


Learn languages in Europe

Language schools in Europe offering language courses in Italy, Spain, France and Austria.


My Sensei

Find Teaching Jobs and Private Students - Any Language Anywhere in Japan.


Nihongo Lessons

Certified teacher offers private Japanese lessons in Kichijoji area, Tokyo. Corrections and Comments Service. Do you want to know your weak points in Japanese? I'll correct sentences you write in Japanese and give you grammatical advice!


Orangutan English

Language Teachers - Looking for private Language students Japanwide? Enter your profile (free) and have students contact you.


Scuola Leonardo - Italian in Italy

Learn Italian in Milano, Florence, Rome, Siena, Italy, while learning Italian culture. US Credits earned at the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci are widely accepted by most U.S. Colleges and Universities.



Links site for English teaching materials.


Italian language school in Florence and on-line

Learn Italian language in Florence, Italian language school with methods adapted to the students' desires and abilities. Italian language and Opera singing courses on-line. Studying Italian language at Spirito Italiano is fun!



TESall.com is a job search portal for ESL/EFL teachers. Users can search 4000+ job postings from multiple job boards with a single click. The site also includes an in-house job board, a resume board, a news ticker and much more.


Quality Courses

Spanish courses in Spain: We are offering Spanish language courses and culture lectures in 12 schools of Spain's most beautiful cities: Maga, Sevilla, Barcelona, Madrid, Salamanca, Granada etc. Do not hesitate and take time to learn and to enjoy with us in Spain.


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