Make A Samurai Knife

Make your own Samurai Knife at Asano Kajiya 浅野鍛冶屋

Make your own samurai knife with a certified swordsmith

A wonderful way to spend a day in Japan is to make a traditional Japanese craft that will help you remember your stay in the country for the rest of your life.

Just 10 minutes from Nagoya or 30 minutes from Kyoto is Asano Kajiya, the studio of Fusataro Asano, a certified Japanese sword maker, where you can spend a satisfying, productive day making a samurai knife.

Samurai making in Gifu at Asano Kajiya.
Knife making at Asano Kajiya

The full day class is led by the charismatic Fusataro Asano himself and his diligent assistants. Asano spent six years as an apprentice in nearby Seki, learning the traditional art of Japanese sword-making from his sensei (teacher/master) before setting up his own workshop/atelier not far from Gifu-Hashima Station in western Gifu Prefecture.

Asano spent a year in Australia as a high school exchange student and conducts the whole day in his idiosyncratic English.

Samurai making in Gifu at Asano Kajiya.
Tools of the trade at Asano Kajiya


The workshop starts at around 8.30am-9am when you will be picked up from Gifu-Hashima Station on the Tokaido Shinkansen Line between Nagoya and Kyoto.

The morning is spent forging your very own knife which, when finished, can be used for peeling fruit or as a practical camping knife.

This process takes about two hours before a generous lunch is provided on site.

After lunch you will shape your knife with a file and the blade will be hardened for you and your initials stamped on to the blade.

After that you will put the finishing touches to the knife and attach the wooden handle. Then it will be time to head home after your hard day's work as a trainee samurai knife maker, taking with you the fruit of your labor - your very own samurai knife.

Samurai making in Gifu at Asano Kajiya.
Fusataro Asano with his guests making a samurai knife at Asano Kajiya

Access - Getting to Gifu-Hashima Station

Gifu-Hashima Station is 36 minutes from Kyoto Station or just 10 minutes from Nagoya Station on the Tokaido shinkansen. You will need to ride a Hikari or Kodama Shinkansen as the fastest shinkansen the Nozomi does not stop at Gifu-Hashima Station. This journey will be covered with a Japan Rail Pass.

Asano Kajiya
454-1 Egira-cho
Tel: 058 374 3818

Samurai making in Gifu at Asano Kajiya.
Asano Kajiya Atelier

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