Hurshimchung Spa

Korean City Guides: Hurshimchung Spa, Busan

Hurshimchung Spa

In the Dongnae area of Busan, Hurshimchung Spa is one of the largest spas in the world, and is a great place to spoil yourself for an afternoon. The huge complex was built in the 1990s and can accommodate upto 3,000 people. The spa is part of the Hotel Nongshim.

The spa has multiple levels - one floor is just jjimjilbang (traditional Korean sauna), with igloo-shaped structures made out of clay where you can alternately steam yourself alive or sit in freezing temperatures. There are also herbal baths, jacuzzi, water jets and aromatherapeutic wooden bath tubs.

Look out for the "doctor fish" facility where shoals of small fish remove dead skin from your immersed feet. On an upper floor are the "grand hot springs", a huge atrium full of pools and waterfalls of varying temperatures, plus an excellent heated sand bath - don't fall asleep!

Hurshimchung Spa, South Korea.
Hurshimchung Spa, South Korea
Hurshimchung Spa, Busan, South Korea.

Hotel Nongshim has its own restaurant, Korea's largest night club in the basement, fitness centers and even a wedding chapel.

Hurshimchung Spa, Busan, Korea.

Hurshimchung Spa Access

Hurshimchung Spa
137-7 Onchun-Dong Dongnae-Gu
Subway Line 1 to Oncheonjang (Exit #3) and then a 5-minute walk.

Tel: 051 550 2100

Hurshimchung Spa.
Hurshimchung Spa

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