Noryangjin Fish Market

Noryangjin Fish Market 노량진수산시장

Noryangjin Fish Market.

One of the best places for sampling seafood in Seoul is Noryangjin Market or Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market to give it its full name. Noryangjin Market is a wholesale auction market supplying seafood to Seoul and the surrounding area.

A cavernous structure in central Seoul, as large as several football stadiums laid end to end, Noryangjin Market is crammed end-to-end with exotic sea creatures from every conceivable aquatic locale.

There are acres of stingrays aligned precisely as roof tiles, buckets of writhing octopi, gilt lengths of ribbonfish, regiments of pike, oceans of halibut, endless trays of pickled clams, and more kinds of jacks and mackerels and anchovies than could be identified with a library of reference books.

There is a big auction area on the second floor of the 24-hour Noryangjin Market, but almost all of the downstairs stalls are prepared to slice any one of their fish into sashimi for you on the spot - or, better yet, to put your purchases into plastic bags and point you toward one of the cozy seafood restaurants that line the north end of the complex, where they will serve up your sashimi in the traditional Korean style with sesame leaves, bean paste, sliced chilies, and raw garlic.

Noryangjin Fish Market (seafood)

Noryangjin Fish Market is next to Noryangjin subway station (Line 1, Exit 1) / +82 2 814 2211 and close to 63 Building.

Head here in the evening to catch this seafood extravaganza at its most colorful. Live octopus (sannakji) awaits more adventurous diners.

Noryangjin Market, Seoul, South Korea.
Noryangjin Market, Seoul Fish Market.

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