Seoul Taxis

Taxis in Seoul

Seoul taxi.

An alternative to Seoul's excellent subway and bus network is taking a cab.

Seoul's streets are often gridlocked but Seoul's taxis are cheap and can be found just about anywhere, especially stations and department stores. Flag fall is for the first 2km with the meter ticking over every 144m after that.

Taxis are a good idea if you are in a group of 3 or 4 people and the only way to get around when the subway in Seoul finishes after midnight. Charges increase between midnight and 4am.

Taxis are usually silver gray in color. Drivers do not expect tips and probably won't understand English or your attempts at Korean pronunciation, if you don't speak the Korean language. Carry a name card in Hangul of your destination to show the driver.

Seoul Station and Yongsan Station - stations for the KTX express trains are good places to pick up taxis.

Seoul Taxi.
Seoul Taxis.
Seoul Taxi Cab.
Korean taxi.

The roof of the taxi will have a taxi sign - illuminated when the cab is vacant.

Other forms of taxis are Best Deluxe Taxis or mobeom taxis and Call Taxis. Mobeom taxis are black with a yellow stripe, more expensive and the driver may speak some English.

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