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Korea Travel: Yongsan Station

Yongsan Station, Seoul, South Korea, Korea.

The new Yongsan Station, completed in 2004, is a major rail hub in South Korea and the starting point for KTX trains to Gwangju and Mokpo.

Trains fro Jeonju, Gwangju, Mokpo (for Formula One) and Yeosu (for the 2012 Expo) come from Yongsan Station.

Yongsan Station is just a few kilometers south of South Station and is also connected by subway.

Trains from Seoul Station heading south for Busan and Ulsan stop at Yongsan as well.

The high-speed Honam Line, running KTX trains, connects Yongsan to Mokpo (with a spur line to Gwangju) in around 3 hours, 15 minutes.

Saemaeul express trains to Mokpo also leave from Yongsan Station and take around 4 hours, 40 minutes to complete the journey.

Yongsan Station, Seoul, South Korea.
Yongsan Station, Seoul, South Korea.

Yongsan Station is built into a huge I'Park department store and includes parts of Yongsan Electronics Market. The square and steps leading to the station are a popular meeting place and the venue for street performances and product promotion.

As well as Yongsan Electronics Market with its hundreds of cut-price electronics shops, selling every conceivable electronic appliance and gadget, the area is known for its excellent street stalls for a quick snack and a small red-light district with girls offering sexual services from glass boxes in front of small motel-style rooms. Foreign clients are not accepted and photography unwelcome!

Yongsan Station connects with the Seoul subway on Line 1, which runs on to Suwon. A short walk out of the station is Sinyongsan Station on Line 4. The US Army Yongsan Garrison is close by.

KTX trains, South Korea.
Yongsan Station, Seoul, South Korea.

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