Keifuku Randen Tram Line Kyoto

Kyoto Travel Guide: Randen Tram 嵐電

The Randen Line operated by Keifuku Electric Railroad can be considered the last tram (streetcar) line in Kyoto.

Arashiyama Line

The 7.2km Randen Arashiyama Main Line (aka Keifuku Line) runs from Shijo Omiya to Arashiyama in the western part of the city. The full list of stops on the Arashiyama Line are Shijo Omiya, Sai, Nishioji Sanjo, Yamanouchi, Randen Tenjingawa, Kaikonoyashiro, Uzumasa-Koryuji, Katabiranotsuji, Arisugawa, Kurumazaki Jinja, Rokuoin, Randen Saga and Arashiyama. The whole journey takes 22 minutes.

Randen Line, Kyoto, Japan.
A Randen Line tram at Myoshinji Station
Randen Line, Kyoto.
Randen Line Map; Click to enlarge © Keifuku Railways

Arashiyama Line Stations

Shijo Omiya

Shijo Omiya Station is on the Hankyu Line south west to Osaka and continues east to Karasuma Station and Shijo Kawaramachi Station.

Sai Station

Sai Station is a short walk from Saiin Station on the Hankyu Line. Kyoto University of Foreign Studies is a 15 minute walk west. The area around the station has a number of restaurants, cafes and bars.

Nishioji Sanjo Station

Nishioji Sanjo Station is on the intersection of the north-south Nishioji and the east-west Sanjo.

Yamanouchi Station

Yamanouchi Station is in the western suburbs of Kyoto close to the minor Koenji Temple.

Randen Tenjingawa Station

Randen Tenjingawa Station is close to Uzumasa Tenjingawa Station on the Tozai Line of the Kyoto subway as well as JR Uzumasa Station on the Sagano Line. Close by is the campus of Kyoto Gakuen University and Ukyo Ward Office.

Kaikonoyashiro Station

Kaikonoyashiro Station is close to Konoshima Shrine, which has connections with the textile industry in Nishijin and enshrines a tutelary deity of sericulture. The shrine contains a unique triangular torii.

Uzumasa-Koryuji Station

Toei Kyoto Studio Park (aka Eiga Mura), a film set for samurai dramas and other movies, is a short walk away as is Koryuji Temple, said to be the oldest temple in Kyoto.

Katabiranotsuji Station

Katabiranotsuji Station connects with the Randen Kitano Line.

Arisugawa Station

Arisugawa Station is located in the western suburbs of Kyoto.

Kurumazaki Jinja Station

Kurumazaki Jinja Station is just north of Kurumazaki Shrine. The sub-shrine of Kurumazaki Shrine, Geino-jinja, is popular with Japanese entertainers.

Rokuoin Station

Rokuoin Station is close to the Zen-sect Rokuoin Temple, known for its fall leaves.

Randen Saga Station

Randen Saga Station is close to some minor temples and shrines including Myorinji Temple and Sumikurainari Shrine.

Arashiyama Station

Tenryuji, Anryuji and Nonomiya Shrine are all a short walk from Arashiyama Station on the Randen Arashiyama Main Line, which also has its own footbath in the station.

Kitano Line

The 3.8km Kitano Line runs from Kitano Hakubaicho near Kitano Tenmangu Shrine and Hirano Shrine to Katabiranotsuji Station on the Arashiyama Main Line in 11 minutes. The full list of stops on the Kitano Line are Kitano Hakubaicho, Tojiin, Ryoanji, Myoshinji, Omuro-Ninnaji, Urano, Narutaki, Tokiwa, Satsueisho-mae and Katabiranotsuji.

Randen Fares

The flat fare is 200 yen for adults; 100 yen for children. A Randen All Day Ticket (Adults 500 yen; children 250 yen) is available from Shijo Omiya Station, Kitano Hakubaicho Station, Arashiyama Station or Katabiranotsuji Station and includes special promotions for temples, shrines and other attractions in Kyoto. The Surutto Kansai Card and the other main IC travel cards such as Suica and manaca can also be used on the Keifuku Electric Railway (Randen).

Shijo Omiya Station can be reached by #206 bus from Kyoto Station. The Tozai Line of Kyoto subway connects with Uzumasa Tenjingawa Station. Kitano-Hakubaicho can be reached by the #26, #50 and #205 buses from Kyoto Station.

Randen Line, Kyoto, Japan.
Randen Line streetcar in west Kyoto
Randen Line, Kyoto.
The Randen Line runs in western Kyoto from Shijo Omiya Station and Hakubaicho

Kitano Line Stations

Kitano Hakubaicho Station

Kitano Hakubaicho is the beginning of the Kitano Line and is close to a small Izumiya department store and supermarket as well as Kitano Tenmangu Shrine and Hirano Shrine, the latter shrine famous for its cherry trees.

Tojiin Station

Tojiin is a short distance south of Tojiin Temple and Rokusho Shrine.

Ryoanji Station

Ryoanji Station is still quite a walk from Ryoanji Temple, famous for its stone garden, to the north.

Myoshinji Station

Myoshinji Station is close to the north west corner of Myoshinji Temple and its many sub-temples.

Omuro-Ninnaji Station

Omuro-Ninnaji Station is a short distance south of Ninnaji Temple, one of western Kyoto's most peaceful temples known for its massive front gate.

Urano Station

Urano Station is not far from the south west corner of the large Ninnaji Temple grounds.

Narutaki Station

Narutaki Station is located in a residential area of western Kyoto.

Tokiwa Station

Tokiwa Station is convenient for Sagano High School.

Satsueisho-mae Station

Satsueisho-mae Station is a short walk west of Toei Kyoto Studio Park.

Katabiranotsuji Station

Katabiranotsuj Station is the connecting station to the Arashiyama Line.

Sightseeing Spots on the Randen Line

The Kitano Line is useful for visiting a number of temples in west Kyoto including the small Tojiin Temple near Ritsumeikan University Kinugasa campus, Ryoanji Temple, famous for its immaculate Zen stone garden, Myoshinji Temple and Ninnaji Temple. At Kitano Hakubaicho, the Raku 101 bus connects to the Keifuku Railway for Arashiyama.

The Arashiyama Main Line is convenient to visit Koryuji Temple and Eiga Mura both close to Uzumasa-Koryuji, Kurumazaki Shrine, and its sub-shrine, Geino-jinja, which is popular with Japanese entertainers. Rokuoin Temple is known for its garden which employs the borrowed scenery of Arashiyama. Tenryuji, Anryuji and Nonomiya Shrine are all a short walk from Arashiyama Station on the Randen Arashiyama Main Line.

Randen Line, Kyoto.
Myoshinji Station platform
Randen Line, Kyoto.
The Randen Line is Kyoto's last remaining streetcar

Randen Map

Keifuku Railway also operates the Eizan Cable and Eizan Ropeway on Mt. Hiei to visit Enryakuji Temple. Parts of the route of the Randen tram are lined with cherry trees which are lovely in full bloom.

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