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Whether you have moved to Japan to take up a new job or are here to study or on a student exchange program, find essential information on making your stay easier, safer, cheaper and more enjoyable.

Read our Japan residents' section to find practical information on alien registration including obtaining and renewing your alien registration card, finding and renting a house or apartment, buying your own property, finding a job, learning Japanese, paying tax, dealing with culture shock and setting up a KK (kabushiki kaisha) company.

Find useful facts on Japanese post offices (sending and receiving mail, change of address forms, paying utility bills etc), renewing your Japan visa, getting a driving licence, health insurance, getting married and divorced while in Japan plus information on car rental, driving, maternity, giving birth, child care, public libraries, schooling, shopping, studying in Japan, universities, Japanese law and the police, health, mobile phones, landlines, getting connected to the Internet, having surgery and hospitals.

Find all you need to know about living and working in Japan.

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Useful Books on Living In Japan

Some useful books on living in Japan include A Practical Guide to Living in Japan: Everything You Need to Know to Successfully Settle In, Living Abroad in Japan, and Gambatte Means Go for It! Or How To Become an English Teacher in Japan. Reading as much as you can on the country before you arrive will prepare you for what lies ahead.

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