Green Car

Japan Trains: Green Car

The Green Car グリーン車

The Green Car on Japanese trains and the shinkansen bullet train is equivalent to first class on European trains or business class on airlines.

Green Car seats are larger and have more leg room than normal seats and are arranged in a 2 seats x 2 seats format across the aisle of the carriage, rather than 3x2 on normal shinkansen carriages. Green Car perks may include free slippers, personal TVs and laptop power points. There will be fewer passengers in the Green Car and all seats must be reserved.

The Japan Rail Pass also has a Green Class if you really want to do Japan by rail in style.

Green Car reservations are made at the Green Car Window (Midori no Madoguchi). On the whole, Green Cars are non-smoking.

Shinkansen bullet train at Nagoya Station
Shinkansen bullet train at Nagoya Station
Shinkansen Green Car.
Shinkansen Green Car

Japan Rail Pass Green Car Prices

The Japan Rail Pass

All prices are in Japanese yen.

Period Green Car (Adult) Ordinary (Adult) Green Car (Child 6-11 yrs) Ordinary (Child)
7 day 37,800 28,300 18,900 14,150
14 day 61,200 45,100 30,600 22,550
21 day 79,600 57,700 39,800 28,850

The JR East Pass

All prices are in Japanese yen.

Period Green Car [1st class] Adult [26+] Youth [12-25] Child [6-11]
5 day 28,000 20,000 16,000 10,000
10 day 44,800 32,000 25,000 16,000
4 day flex 28,000 20,000 16,000 10,000
Bullet train arriving Nagoya Station, Nagoya, Japan.
The shinkansen bullet train is an icon of Japan
JR Tokaido Line Green Car.
JR Tokaido Line Green Car

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