Kanazawa Station

Japan Train Stations: Kanazawa Station

Kanazawa Station 金沢駅

Kanazawa Station is the main entry point for visitors to Kanazawa and is a modern building completed in 2005.

Kanazawa Station, Ishikawa Prefecture.
Steel and glass atrium, Kanazawa Station, Ishikawa Prefecture

Outside the Kanazawa Station concourse is the red-colored Tsuzumi Gate, the design of which is based on traditional Japanese hand drums or tsuzumi. Behind the gate at the east entrance to Kanazawa Station is the large glass dome Motenashi (Welcome) Dome, which serves as an event space. The Tourist Information Center is just before you enter the dome in the station proper.

Train Services From Kanazawa Station

JR Thunderbird Osaka-Kanazawa-Toyama.

Kanazawa Station serves JR West trains on the Hokuriku Main Line including train services to Osaka (2 hours, 45 minutes), Fukui (50 minutes), Kyoto (2 hours 15 minutes) and Toyama Station (40 minutes).

To get to Tokyo from Kanazawa ride the new (opened in 2015) extension of the Hokuriku Shinkansen (approx 2 hours 30 mins).

The Hokuriku Shinkansen now connects directly with Kanazawa from Nagano via Toyama with plans to continue building the line to Fukui, Maibara, Kyoto and Shin-Osaka. From Tokyo Station ride one of the new Kagayaki trains via Ueno, Omiya, Nagano and Toyama to arrive in Kanazawa.

There is a single seasonal night train to Kanazawa from Tokyo's Ueno Station: the all-seat Noto Express (6 hours, 47 mins). The Hokuriku Express Sleeper (7 hours, 27 mins) which had couchettes and private rooms was discontinued in 2010.

The Nihonkai overnight train goes from Osaka to Aomori via Kanazawa and Toyama. The Twilight Express service from Osaka to Sapporo also calls at Kanazawa and Toyama stations. The Kitaguni overnight express runs from Osaka to Niigata via Fukui, Kanazawa and Toyama.

To Nagoya Station from Kanazawa take the Shirasagi service (approx 2 hours 30 mins). The JR Nanao Line connects Kanazawa to Nanao and Wakura Onsen on the Noto Peninsula.

By shinkansen from Nagoya take the Tokaido Shinkansen changing at Maibara to the express train for Kanazawa (approx 2 hours 30 mins).

Just outside the East Exit of Kanazawa Station is Hokutetsu-Kanazawa Station the terminus of the Asanogawa Line (Asaden) connecting Kanazawa with Uchinada Station.

JR Hokuriku Shinkansen at Tokyo Station.
Hokuriku Shinkansen at Tokyo Station
JR Thunderbird Osaka-Kanazawa-Toyama.
Tsuzumi Gate at the East Entrance of Kanazawa Station

Kanazawa Station Bus Connections

Kanazawa Station is a terminal for local and highway buses. Highway buses run from outside Kanazawa Station to Tokyo (7 hours, 30 mins), Kyoto (4 hours), Yokohama (8 hours, 20 mins), Nagoya (4 hours), Sendai (8 hours, 30mins), Niigata (4 hours, 40 mins), Takayama (3 hours) and other destinations.

The Kanazawa Loop Bus runs from outside the East Exit to many of Kanazawa's main tourist attractions including Kanazawa Castle, Kenrokuen Garden, Omicho market, Kazue-machi chaya and the Gold Leaf Museum in Higashi-chaya. The Kanazawa Flat-Bus Konohana bus does a shorter loop from Kanazawa Station passing Omicho and Higashi-Betsu-in Temple.

Three other Loop buses in Kanazawa are the Kanazawa Flat-Bus Kikugawa bus, the Kanazawa Flat-Bus Nagamachi bus and Kanazawa Flat-Bus Zaimoku bus. Pick up the Zaimoku and Nagamachi at Omicho and the Kikugawa bus at Kenrokuen.

The bus to Komatsu Airport leaves from the West Exit.

Kanazawa Station, Ishikawa Prefecture.
Kanazawa Station, Ishikawa Prefecture
Kanazawa Station, Ishikawa Prefecture.
Kanazawa Station, Ishikawa Prefecture, looking towards the main exit

Kanazawa Station Area

Kanazawa Station Hyakuban-gai shopping mall has a variety of shops, bars, cafes and restaurants. The Forus mall has a branch of Starbucks and men's and women's retail outlets.

Hotels near Kanazawa Station

The area around Kanazawa Station has a number of accommodation options ranging from exclusive, five star hotels to well-priced business hotels.

The APA Hotel Ekimae, Nikko Kanazawa Hotel, the Kanazawa Miyako Hotel and the Hotel Kanazawa are all recommended hotels near Kanazawa Station.

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