Namba Station

Namba Station 難波駅

Nankai Namba Station.
Namba Station

There are in fact three station buildings at Namba in south central Osaka.

Namba Nankai Station, JR Namba Station, and Kintetsu Namba Station as well as the Osaka Municipal Subway Station.

JR Namba Station in the OCAT building is the terminal station of the Kansai Main Line (Yamatoji Line) which runs to Takada in Nara Prefecture via Tennoji Station, Oji, and JR Nara Station.

East of the OCAT building is Namba Kintetsu Station with trains on the Nara Line to Ikoma, Yamato-Saidaiji and Kintetsu Nara Station. Trains from Namba also run to Kintetsu Nagoya Station via Tsuruhashi (which connects to the JR Osaka Loop Line), and destinations in Mie Prefecture including Ise, Toba, Matsusaka, Tsu and Yokkaichi. In 2009 the Hanshin Namba Line will run in to this station and the station name will change to Osaka Namba Station. The Hanshin Namba Line will connect Amagasaki in Hyogo Prefecture with Namba in Osaka.

Osaka subway trains on the Midosuji, Sennichimae and Yotsubashi lines connect with this station complex.

A short walk south east of the Kintetsu and subway station is Nankai Namba Station with the station building taken up by the Takashimaya department store and close to Namba City shopping mall and the recent Namba Parks development. Nankai Namba station runs trains on the Nankai Line to Sakai, Kishiwada, Wakayama and Kansai International Airport. The Koya Line has trains for Gokurakubashi which connects with the ropeway for Koyasan.

Namba Station, Osaka.
Nankai rapi:t train, Namba Station, Osaka
Takashimaya Department Store, Namba Station.
Takashimaya Department Store, Namba Station
Nankai Namba Station.
Nankai Namba Station, Namba, Osaka

Namba (Nanba) is a major shopping and entertainment area in Osaka. Just north of the stations is the Dotombori Canal, the neon of Ebisu-bashi and a warren of closely packed streets full of shops, bars and restaurants in the Amerika Mura and Shinsaibashi districts.

The Namba Parks (Tel: 06 6644 7100) development is a mixed zone of commercial and office space with an urban garden connecting the different floors. The complex was designed by American architect and shopping mall specialist Jon Jerde.

Namba has a number of good cinemas, including the Namba Parks Cinema, Toho Cinemas Namba (in the Marui Building), Shikishima Cine Pop and Sennichimae Kokusai Gekijo.

Namba Hips Building (Tel: 06 6213 4500) and Bic Camera (Tel: 06 6634 1111) electronics mall are also in the area. Namba Hips is an entertainment, shopping and restaurant plaza with a freefall ride built in to the figure-eight design in the front of the building.

Nankai Namba Station.
Namba Subway Station
Hips Building, Namba, Osaka.
Hips Building, Namba, Osaka
Nankai rapi:t train.
Nankai rapi:t train, Namba, Osaka

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