Midori no Madoguchi Ticket Office

Midori no Madoguchi Ticket Offices and View Plaza みどりの窓口・びゅうプラザ

Midori no Madoguchi

The Midori no Madoguchi (literally, the Green Ticket Window), is the staffed sales counter at many Japan Rail (JR) stations that deals with ticket and pass purchases for all JR trains and buses that cannot be made using a ticket machine.

Midori no Madoguchi, Yotsuya Station, Tokyo.
Midori no Madoguchi, Yotsuya Station, Tokyo

Each Midori no Madoguchi is equipped with Japan Rail's proprietary Multi-Access Seat Reservation System (MARS).

As well as at major railway stations in Japan, Midori no Madoguchi can be found at certain big travel agencies, airports, and bus and ferry terminals.

Use a Midori no Madoguchi to book basic fare tickets that cost 1,620 yen or more one-way; limited express tickets; reserved seat Green Car tickets for the shinkansen; limited express train tickets; and JR highway bus tickets. JR train and bus tickets can be booked for journeys up to one month in advance.

A Midori no Madoguchi is identified by a green and white circular logo featuring a reclining passenger.

Major credit cards are accepted at a Midori no Madoguchi.

Midori no Madoguchi counter, Yotsuya, Tokyo.
A Midori no Madoguchi counter

Midori no Madoguchi History

The Midori no Madoguchi was originally the intiative of the JR office in Kita-Kyushu City which in the early 1960's began placing a salesperson in various JR stations throughout Kyushu to promote group tours. The system rapidly went nationwide and in the mid-1960s the Midori no Madoguchi's functions were expanded with the introduction of MARS to automate the reserving of seats on shinkansens, express trains, and night trains - a system that today covers nearly all urban railway stations and major travel agencies.

View Plaza

View Plaza is Japan Rail's travel service center, found only in major stations. At a View Plaza you can buy all the tickets available at a Midori no Madoguchi, as well as tickets for events and the like.

A View Plaza is identified by the green logo: びゅうプラザ (byuu puraza), with the byuu in hiragana and the puraza in katakana.

Major credit cards are accepted at a View Plaza.

Japan Rail Pass

Every Midori no Madoguchi and View Plaza issues a Japan Rail Pass in exchange for a Japan Rail Pass Exchange Order.

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