Imazatosuji Line

Osaka Subway: Imazatosuji Line 今里筋線

The Imazatosuji Line (color-coded bright orange) is a short north-south subway running approximately 12km between Itakano and Imazato in the east of Osaka.

The Imazatosuji Line has 11 stations built post-Bubble in identikit style to keep costs low. The Imazatosuji Line opened in 2006.

As with the Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line, the trains are linear motor-driven.

The Imazatosuji Line is the only line of the Osaka subway not to have any connections with the Yotsubashi Line, Midosuji Line or the Sakaisuji Line. It is also located completely outside the Osaka Loop Line.

Imazatosuji Line Train.
Imazatosuji Line Train
Imazatosuji Line Train.
Imazatosuji Line Train

Imazatosuji Line Stations

The 11 stations of the Imazatosuji Line are: Itakano, Zuiko Yonchome, Daido-Toyosato, Taishibashi-Imaichi, Shimizu, Shimmori-Furuichi, Sekime-Seiiku, Gamo Yonchome, Shigino, Midoribashi and Imazato.

Itakano Station

Itakano Station (井高野; I11) is the northern end of the Imazatosuji Line.

Zuiko Yonchome Station

Zuiko Yonchome (瑞光四丁目; I12) is located in a residential area close to Osaka University of Economics.

Daido-Toyosato Station

Daido-Toyosato Station (だいどう豊里; I13) is on the northern side of the Yodo River in Higashiyodogawa-ku.

Taishibashi-Imaichi Station

Taishibashi-Imaichi Station (太子橋今市; I14) connects with the Tanimachi Line of the Osaka subway.

Imazatosuji Line Train.
Imazatosuji Line Train Carriage
Imazatosuji Line Train.
Imazatosuji Line Train

Shimizu Station

Shimizu Station (清水; I15) is in a rather featureless area of Asahi-ku.

Shimmori-Furuichi Station

Shimmori-Furuichi Station (新森古市; I16) is just west of the large Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park.

Sekime-Seiiku Station

Sekime-Seiiku Station (関目成育; I17) connects with the Keihan Main Line to Sanjo Keihan Station in Kyoto and Yodoyabashi Station in Osaka at adjacent Sekime Station.

Gamo Yonchome Station

Gamo Yonchome (蒲生四丁目; I18) connects with the Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line of the Osaka subway for easy access west to Osaka Castle on the Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line at Osaka Business Park Station.

Shigino Station

Shigino Station (鴫野; I19) intersects with the Katamachi Line (Gakkentoshi Line) which connects Kizu Station in Kyoto Prefecture with Osaka's Kyobashi Station.

Imazatosuji Line Train.
Midoribashi Station, Imazatosuji Line, Osaka

Midoribashi Station

Midoribashi Station (緑橋; I20) in Higashinari-ku connects with the Chuo Line of Osaka subway.

Imazato Station

Imazato Station (今里; I21) connects with the Sennichimae Line.

Trains on the Imazatosuji Line run from around 5am until midnight, 7 days a week with reduced services at the weekends and public holidays.

See a full timetable here (in Japanese):

The Osaka Municipal Transportation Information Center (Tel: 06 62119503) is located at Namba Station and has detailed information in English on the Osaka subway and city buses and the various travel passes available such as the Kansai Thru Pass.
Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm: Sat, Sun & public holidays 10am-7pm

Imazatosuji Line Map

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