Kobe Buses

Kobe Buses 神戸のバス

Buses in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture are run by a number of different companies.

The main provider is Kobe City and Kobe City buses run to many parts of this hilly port town. In addition to Kobe City buses are Hanshin Buses, the Kobe City Loop Bus, which connects Kobe's main attractions and is aimed mainly at tourists, and Kobe Minato Kanko buses with operates a number of routes including the Saka Bus from Nada Station to the Maya Cable station for Mt. Maya.

The main local bus hubs are Sannomiya Station, which is the major transit point of the city with JR, Hankyu, Hanshin, Kobe subway and Port Liner trains all intersecting at the adjacent and interconnected JR Sannomiya and Kobe-Sannomiya stations, Shin-Kobe Station, where the shinkansen stops, JR Rokkomichi Station, Kobe Harborland and Shin-Nagata Station.

Kobe City Buses are usually green.
Kobe City Buses are usually green

Kobe City Buses


The basic fare for Kobe City buses is 210 yen for adults and 110 yen for minors.

A Kobe City Bus Card can be purchased for 1,000 yen and allows 1,100 yen's worth of travel.

A Kobe City Bus Afternoon Card is valid on buses between 9.30am-4.30pm and comes in 1,000 yen and 2,000 yen denominations allowing 1,300 yen and 2,600 yen's worth of travel.

Kobe City Bus Routes

There follows a listing of bus routes from the main Kobe Bus terminals.

From JR Rokkomichi Station

#2 - to Hankyu Rokko Station and Sannomiya

#18 - to Hankyu Rokko Station, Maya Cable and Sannomiya

#32 - to Hankyu Rokko Station and Mikage Yamate

#16 - to Hankyu Rokko Station and Rokko Cable

#100 - to HAT Kobe

#102 - to Maya Cable

From Sannomiya Station

#2 - to Sannomiya Shrine

#7 - to Shin-Kobe Station

#25 - to Kobe Municipal Arboretum (Kobe City Forest Botanical Garden)

#29 - to HAT Kobe

#66 - to Kobe Commerce, Industry and Trade Center Building

#90 - to Harborland

From Kobe Harborland

#95/ #96 - to Shin-Nagata Station

#110/ #112 - to JR Takatori Station

From Shin-Nagata Station

#5 - to Myohoji Station

#13 - to Hyogo Station

#95/ #96 to Shin-Kobe Station

From Seishin-Chuo Station

#22/ #23 /#28 to Kobe Nishi Gymnasium

Yamate Line Bus

The red Yamate Line bus runs from Sannomiya to JR Kobe Bus Terminal via Hyogo Prefectural Government Office and back.

Local Hanshin buses.
Local Hanshin buses

Hanshin Buses

Hanshin also operates a number of local buses, limousine buses and highway buses (Salad Express). Hanshin Hankyu highway buses run from both Osaka (Umeda) and Kobe (Sannomiya) to Tokushima, Niihama, Uwajima and Imabari on Shikoku, and Hamada and Tsuwano in Shimane Prefecture.

Limousine buses make the shuttle to both Kansai International Airport and Itami Airport. Buses to Itami leave from Sannomiya (40 minutes), Osaka Station (25 minutes) and Universal Studios Japan (45 minutes). Buses to KIX leave from Osaka Station (50 minutes), Sannomiya (65 minutes), Universal Studios Japan (70 minutes) and Amagasaki (65 minutes).

Local buses run into the suburbs from many Hanshin stations.

See www.hanshin-bus.co.jp (in Japanese) for further details.

Kobe City Loop Bus.
Kobe City Loop Bus

Kobe City Loop Bus

The most tourist-friendly bus service is the Kobe City Loop, on a retro-style bus that passes many of Kobe's main attractions starting from Kobe Port Tower to Harborland, Chinatown, Kobe City Museum, Sannomiya, Kitano Ijinkan, Shin-Kobe Station, Sannomiya Bus Terminal, City Hall and back to Kobe Port Tower and Meriken Park: 17 stops in all.

Showing the City Loop One-Day Pass gets you a discount at over 30 attractions along or near the route.
One ride: 260 yen for adults
Day pass: 660 yen for adults.

Buy your tickets on the City Loop Bus when you get on at any stop.

Print out a map of the Kobe City Loop Bus (pdf)

Kobe Saka Bus.
Kobe Saka Bus

Kobe Minato Kanko Buses

Kobe Minato Kanko operates seven bus routes:

Sumiyoshi Kurukuru Bus from Sumiyoshi Station to Excel Higashi.

#12 Bus from Shukugawa Green Town to Rokko Island Center.

#13 Bus from Hankyu Mikage Station to Rokko Island Center.

#21 Bus from Shin-Kobe Station to Kobe International University.

Saka Bus from Nada Station to the Maya Cable station.

Morikitamachi Donguri Bus from Higashiyama Plaza to Konan Yamate Station and JR Rokkomichi Station.

#22/ #221 from Sakuramori-machi Bus Station via Shin-Kobe Station, Sannomiya to Mosaic Kobe (near Kobe Anpanman Children's Museum & Mall in Kobe Harborland)

Highway Buses From Sannomiya Station

There are highway buses and limousine buses running from Sannomiya Station to other towns and cities throughout Japan.

These include day and overnight buses to Tokyo Station, Busta Shinjuku and Ikebukuro Station in Tokyo, buses to Yokohama Station, Nagoya Station, Okayama, Hiroshima, Itami Airport, Kansai International Airport (KIX), Tottori, Arima Onsen, Matsuyama, Takamatsu, Kochi and Imabari.

Sannomiya Bus Terminal is inside the Mint shopping complex on 1F.

Sannomiya Map

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