Matsuyama Ferries

Matsuyama Ferries 松山フェリー

Matsuyama and the surrounding Ehime Prefecture, located on the north west coast of the island of Shikoku, have a number of ferry connections to nearby Honshu and Kyushu.

Find information on getting to and from Matsuyama and Ehime Prefecture by boat.

The car ferry docking at Takahama Port, Matsuyama, Ehime, Shikoku, Japan.
The car ferry docking at Takahama Port, Matsuyama
The high speed Jet Boat ferry.
The high speed Jet Boat ferry


There are ferry connections from Matsuyama and other ports in Ehime Prefecture, Shikoku to various destinations in both Kyushu and Honshu.

Mitsuhama Port - Yanai in Yamaguchi with Boyo Ferry in 2 hours, 30 minutes (

Matsuyama Tourist Port - Kokura with Matsuyama Kokura Ferry in 7 hours, 5 minutes (

Yawatahama Port - Beppu with Uwajima Unyu Ferry in 2 hours, 50 minutes (

Matsuyama Tourist Port - Hiroshima with Ishizaki Kisen ( and Setonaikai Kisen ( in 2 hours, 40 minutes by car ferry or 1 hour, 8 minutes by direct high speed boat.

Matsuyama Tourist Port - Kure with Ishizaki Kisen and Setonaikai Kisen in 55 minutes by high speed boat or 1 hour, 55 minutes by car ferry.

Toyo Port - Osaka with Orange Ferry ( in 8 hours.

Niihama Higashi Port - Kobe with Orange Ferry in 7 hours.

Tram terminal at Ujina Port Hiroshima.
Tram terminal at Ujina Port Hiroshima
Ujina Port, Hiroshima.
Ujina Port, Hiroshima

Hiroshima-Kure-Matsuyama Ferry

One of the quickest and cheapest ways to reach Shikoku from Honshu is the Hiroshima-Kure-Matsuyama Ferry.

High speed boats jointly operated by Ishizaki Kisen and Setonaikai Kisen make the crossing in just an hour, while slower car ferries, take nearer two hours. Setonaikai Kisen and Ishizaki Kisen also operate a Super jet high speed boat which makes the Matsuyama-Hiroshima crossing in 55 minutes.

From Hiroshima, boats leave from Ujina Port, which is connected to downtown Hiroshima by tram, may call at Kure Port on the way, before proceeding to Matsuyama Tourist Port.

Kure Port, Hiroshima Prefecture.
Kure Port, Hiroshima Prefecture
The ferry passes through the narrow Ondo Straits that separate Kurahashi Island from the mainland.
The ferry passes through the narrow Ondo Straits that separate Kurahashi Island from the mainland

Hiroshima-Kure-Matsuyama Ferry Timetable & Fares

As of 2017, Setonaikai Kisen and Ishizaki Kisen share the operation of 10 car ferries and 12 Super Jet crossings per day.

Setonaikai Kisen & Ishizaki Kisen Car Ferry

The first car ferry of the day, departing Ujina Port, Hiroshima at 5.45am does not dock at Kure. All the later boats dock at Kure. Sailings are at 5.45am, 6.45am, 8.15am, 9.20am, 11.20am, 12.25pm, 1.55pm, 3.10pm, 5.15pm and 7.45pm.

All sailings from Matsuyama Tourist Port (Matsuyama Kanko Port) in Takayama dock at Kure on the way to Hiroshima. There are sailings at 6.25am, 8.25am, 9.35am, 11.05am, 12.15pm, 2.15am, 3.20pm, 4.50pm, 6.05pm and 8.10pm.

Fares are 930 yen, Hiroshima to Kure, 3,600 yen Hiroshima to Matsuyama and 2,670 yen Kure to Matsuyama.

Setonaikai Kisen & Ishizaki Kisen Super Jet

There are 12 high speed boat (Super Jet) sailings from Hiroshima to Matsuyama. Half of them dock at Kure on the way.

Sailings from Hiroshima to Matsuyama are at 7.30am (docks at Kure), 8.30am, 9.30am (Kure), 10.30am, 12.00pm (Kure), 1.30pm, 3.00pm (Kure), 4.30pm, 5.30pm (Kure), 6.30pm, 7.30pm (Kure) and 9pm.

Sailings from Matsuyama to Hiroshima are at 7.00am, 8.00am (docks at Kure), 9.00am, 10.00am (Kure), 11.30am, 1.00pm (Kure), 2.30pm , 4.00pm (Kure), 5.00pm, 6.00pm (Kure), 7.00pm and 8.30pm.

Fares are 2,100 yen, Hiroshima to Kure, 7,100 yen Hiroshima to Matsuyama and 5,500 yen Kure to Matsuyama.
#Fares may vary slightly between the two companies

Discount fares are available for foreign visitors to Japan with the one-way Hiroshima Super Jet fare discounted to 3,800 yen.

Bicycles can be hired at Matsuyama and Kure ports for 1,000 yen a day plus deposit (2,000 yen). Up to 10 bicycles can be carried on Iyotetsu suburban trains in the last carriage.

Matsuyama Kanko Port (Takahama).
Matsuyama Kanko Port (Takahama)
Shuttle bus to Iyotetsu Takahama Station.
Shuttle bus that runs between the port and Iyotetsu Takahama Station, less than a kilometer away. There is also a limousine bus that runs directly to JR Matsuyama Station then on to Matsuyama-shi Station then Dogo Onsen

Port Information

Hiroshima Port

Tel: 082 253 1212(9am-7pm)

Kure Port

Tel: 0823 21 1489 (9am-5pm)

Matsuyama Port

Tel: 089 953 1003(9am-5pm)

Ishizaki Kisen

Tel: 089 953 1003

Setonaikai Kisen

Tel: 082 253 1212

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