Hiroshima Trams

Hiroshima Trams 広電

The Hiroshima Electric Railway or Hiroden runs the trams (streetcars) in Hiroshima city and Hiroshima Prefecture, the longest and most used streetcar network in Japan.

Riding the Hiroshima trams is a great way to get to Hiroshima's many attractions including Hiroshima Peace Park, Hiroshima Castle, Hiroshima's several fine museums as well as the sacred island of Miyajima, with its iconic torii gate, standing in the sea, to the west of the city.

Hiroden trams in Hiroshima.
Hiroden trams in Hiroshima
Hiroden trams in Hiroshima.
Hiroden tram to Hiroshima Port

Hiroshima Tram Lines

There are six tram lines in central Hiroshima and over 270 trams from all over Japan as well as some from Europe, which makes a ride on Hiroshima's trams a popular tourist activity and a fun, must-do while in the city.

The Green Mover Max tram that runs on the network is the first tram wholly built in Japan. Hiroshima's trams were imported from overseas beforehand.

Two antique streetcars that survived the 1945 atomic bombing of the city have been restored and now run on the network.

The eight numbers for the trams are:

# 1 (Orange) runs from Hiroshima Station to Hiroshima Port
# 2 (Red) runs from Hiroshima Station to Miyajima-guchi
# 3 (Blue) runs from Nishi-Hiroshima Station to Hiroshima Port
# 5 (Green) runs from Hiroshima Station to Hiroshima Port
# 6 (Yellow) runs from Hiroshima Station to Eba
# 7 (Dark Green) runs from Yokogawa Station to Hiroden honsha-mae
# 8 (Pink) runs from Yokogawa Station to Eba
# 7 (Gray) runs from Hachobori to Hakushima


Hiroshima tram to Hiroshima Port.
Green Mover Hiroshima tram to Hiroshima Port
Hiroshima trams are operated by Hiroden.
Hiroshima trams are operated by Hiroden

Using Hiroshima's Trams

As on Hiroshima's buses, enter the tram through the middle door and exit via the front door or the rear door if the tram has more than one carriage.

PASPY is the local IC card valid on all local transport. The flat fare on the tram within Hiroshima city limits is 180 yen (90 yen for children) and 280 yen to Miyajima.

Discount tickets for use on Hiroshima trams include the 1 Day Streetcar and Ferry Pass (800 yen) and the 1 Day Streetcar Pass (600 yen). To validate your 1 Day Pass scratch off the date you use your pass on the sealed silver section on the calendar (the year, month and day) with a coin. Show this date to the conductor as you exit.

There is a change machine next to the driver for 1000 yen notes and 500 yen, 100 yen and 50 yen coins. This machine also incorporates an IC card reader to pay your fare. At present only PASPY and ICOCA can be used.

Hiroden Map

Hiroden Network Map.
Hiroden Network Map © Hiroden; Click to enlarge

Visit Hiroshima Tourist Pass

The various Visit Hiroshima Tourist Passes offers foreign visitors to Hiroshima unlimited travel on Hiroshima's transport systems for a limited period.

There are four passes available: the Small Area Pass, covering Hiroshima city and Miyajima (1,000 yen for 3 days), the Small Area with Airport Limousine Bus Pass (4,000 yen for 5 days), the Wide Area Pass which covers all of Hiroshima Prefecture (3,000 yen for 3 days) and the Wide Area with Airport Limousine Bus Pass (6,000 yen for 5 days).

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