Japanese Culture 日本の文化

Japan is a nation of culture and style both traditional Japanese culture, epitomized by haiku poetry, kimono, ukiyo-e wood-block prints, Kabuki theater, Noh drama, tea ceremony and Zen stone gardens, and more modern cultural trends represented by anime, cosplay, manga, and video games.

Enjoy a range of articles on Japanese culture both traditional and contemporary:

A-Z: Japan — An A-Z listing of Japanese culture: From Anpanman to Zen.

Arashiyama — Kyoto riverside beauty spot.

Arts & Crafts — a listing of Japan's most famous traditional arts and crafts.

Japanese Baseball

Blood Types — Japanese Blood Types.

Books on Japan


Cartoons — mini Japanese language lessons — introducing Dozo & Domo by Harrison Wheeler

Cosplay — the fetish of costume play in Japan.

"Cute" Culture — Japan's Soft Power: The Culture of Cute

Disposable Chopsticks — Japan's ecological conundrum.

Dining in Kyoto — Eating al fresco by the Kamogawa River in the ancient capital.

Dowa — Japan's Outcastes


Drinking in Japan — Japan, the drinking culture: beer, sake and whisky.

Earth Embassy / Solar Cafe — Sustainable living on Mt. Fuji.

Five Japanese Trends — Sushi, Cosplay, J-Pop, Pokemon, Technology.

Five Things A First Time Visitor To Japan Should Know — Visas, TIpping, Trash Cans, Onsen, Footwear.

Japan-Europe Similarities — Music, Literature, Films, Video Games, Food.

National Parks — Scenic, preserved beauty in Japan.

Hiking — Walking in Japan.


Famous Japanese People & Foreign Residents Of Japan — Mishima, Kurosawa, and more

Game Centers — Loud Fun

Japanese Festivals

Japanese Film — Movie Reviews of Japanese films and films about Japan.

Japanese Food

Gambling — Betting in Japan — horse-racing, Toto, pachinko, mahjong.

Japanese Gardens — Japan's famous gardens (Spanish).

Gay Japan

General Union — General Union for English teachers in Japan.

Gift giving in Japan — The culture of giving and receiving gifts.

Glossary — An essential glossary of Japanese words and phrases.

Haiku — Japan's popular short poems.

Japanese History

Hi-Tech — Japan: High Tech.

Ice Hockey — Japan has an established ice-hockey league.

Images of Japan

Images of Japan — Japan through the lenses of top photographers.

Interviews — Regge Life, Joan Sinclair, a Kabuki star, and more.

Kabuki — Japan's traditional theater.
Interview with a kabuki actor — Japan Visitor talks to the kabuki actor Ebizo Ichikawa XI.

Karaoke — A look at Japan's export phenomenon.

Koban — Japan's police box system.

Katsuouji Temple — Buddhist Temple famous for Daruma Dolls

Koto-e — Japanese plaster relief.

Lacquerwareurushi (Japanese lacquerware): so famous worldwide that it was given the name 'japan'.


Japan Links & Resources — Useful Japan links.

Machiya — A look at the revivial of Kyoto's Townhouses.

Match-making — the world of omiai (meetings) and nakodo (go-betweens) in arranged marriages.

Weddings — Japanese wedding ceremonies.

Mobile phone (keitai) use in Japan — Japan is a world-leader in mobile phone innovation and use.

Japanese National Holidays - and important festivals.

Newspapers in Japan — World's biggest circulation.

Nikko — resting place of the Tokugawa

Ninomiya Chuhachi — Japan's aircraft pioneer.

Nishiki Market — Kyoto's Foodie Paradise.


Japanese Music — CD Reviews.

Music Festivals — Fuji Rock, Summer Sonic, Earth Celebration.

Punk Rock in Japan — punk rock, a big influence on Japanese music and fashion.

Toru Takemitsu — 20th century Japanese composer

Kagura — traditional Japanese music and dance to please the gods


Pachinko — Gamble with ball bearings.
Pachinko 2 — More on a national obsession.

Photo Essays — A regular look at events in Japan.

Podcast — the sounds of real Japan.

Relations — Japan/Korea international relations.

Purikura — Print club craze.


Ryokan — Japanese guest houses.

Sake — the secret of finding good sake.

Sakurajima — active volcano in Kagoshima Prefecture.

Seaweed — Essence and accents from the sea.

Sento — Japan's public bath houses.

Shochu — Japan's favorite distilled tipple.

Shodoshima — Japan's olive oil island.

Skiing in Japan — Japan's best mountain resorts.

Sounds of Japan — Sound samples.

Tattooing in Japan — Interview with an Osaka tattoo studio owner

Temples & Shrines

Temples & Shrines Listing — Japan's most well known Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines.

Temples & Shrines — Japan's Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines.
Nanzenji — one of Kyoto's most famous temples.

Tin: The History & Use of Tin in the Far East

Tokyo's Hippest Hotel


Waribashi (Disposable Chopsticks) — Japan's ecological conundrum.

Underwear Theft

Yabusame — Horseback Archery Festival in Koyama.


Zen Buddhism — The sound of one hand clapping.

Zodiac — 12 Animals of the Oriental Zodiac.
Zodiac — Japanese astrology: Horoscopes, blood types & the 5 elements.

Books on Japan & Japanese Culture