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Korea and its culture from 'accommodation' to 'zodiac', 'blue house' to 'yogwan', 'chaebol' to 'won'.

Use this easy A-Z guide of Korea to find the Korea-related article you are looking for.

Korean features include the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, Korean food and drink, travel essentials including visas and embassies, Korean symbols and guides to Korean cities both North and South.

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Korean War: order this book from Amazon.

A = Accommodation, Admiral Yi Sun-Shin, Amur River, Andong, Anju (bar snacks), Arex, Armies (2,000,000 troops in the DMZ).

The Korean War: An Oral History
by Donald Knox

Democracy & Authority in Korea: you can order this book from Amazon.

B = Baekje (Paekje), Bae Yong-joon (Yonsama), Banks (& money), Bap (rice), Baseball, Beaches, Beast (K-pop boy band), Big Bang (K-pop boy band), Blue House (Korean equivalent of US White House), BoA (K-pop band), Books on Korea, Board game cafes, Buddha, Buddhism, Buk (north), Buldak (fire chicken), "Burberry Man" (flasher), Buses, Busan (Pusan), Busan Attractions, Busan Top 5 Things To Do, Buyeo.

Democracy and Authority in Korea
by Geir Helgesen

Bulls fighting.

C = Camp Bonifas, Car Rental, Chaebol or Jaebol (Korean conglomerates), Changdeok Palace, Cheju (Jeju), Cheonan, Cheongdo So Ssa-eum (Korean Bull Fighting), Chinju, Chongju, Christianity, Chun Doo-hwan, City Guides, COEX Mall in Seoul (world's largest internet cafe), Comfort Women, Confucianism, Costs, Currency (Won).

Korean military policeman.

D = Dadohae Haesang National Park, Dae (big), Daecheon Beach, Daedong River, Defectors (from North Korea), DPRK (the North), Daegu (Taegu), Daejeon, Daewoo, DMZ (Demilitarized Zone or the largest militarized area on the planet), Dangun (mythical founder of Korea), Dogs (still on some back-street menus), Dokdo (Takeshima to the Japanese) - disputed island, Dong (east), Dongjak, Drinking in Korea, Drinking in Seoul, Durumagi (traditional Korean coat).


E = East Sea (known as the "Sea of Japan" but not used in Korea), Economy, Education, Electricity, Embassies, Etiquette, Eumju-ga-mu (drinking and having fun), Expo 2012, Express Buses, Evangelism (big in Korea, see Moonies), Ewha Woman's (sic) University (reputedly the world's largest women's university).

Korean Food Made Simple

Folk village near Suwon.

F = F1 in Korea, Facts & figures, Ferries to Korea (from Japan and China), Festivals, Film, Film Festivals, Flights to Korea, Folk Village near Suwon (step back in time), Food, Football (K-League), Fortresses.

Koreatown: A Cookbook

Korean Kitchen: you can order this book from Amazon.

G = Galbi, Gangwon-jo, Gay Korea, Ginseng, Garlic, Gim (seaweed), Girls Generation, Gwangju, G.O.D. (no not Him, the band), Golf, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Gyeongju (Kyongju), Gyeongsangnam-do, Gyeryongsan National Park, Gyopo (Koreans living overseas).

The Korean Kitchen
by Copeland Marks

Guus Hiddink.
Hite beer.

H = Hae (sea), Haeinsa, Haeundae Beach, Hagwon (cram school), Hahoe Folk Village, Hallyu, Hangul (the language), Hof (the pub, pronounced 'hopu'), Hite (the beer), Hongdae (entertainment area in Seoul), H.O.T (the band), Hiddink (the ex-manager of the Korean soccer team and national hero), History, Hompy (homepage), Hongdae, Hongeo (fermented fish), Hostels, Hotels, Hot springs, Hurshimchung Spa, Hwaishik (company drinking session), Hwanghae, Hyundai.

Itaewon street at night.

I = Images of Korea, Imjin River, Incheon, Incheon Airport, Independence Hall of Korea, Inje, Insa-dong, Insam (ginseng), Insurance, Inwang-san (mountain), Itaewon, Itaewon bars (entertainment area in Seoul, see Hof), Itaewon entertainment.

Juche: you can order this book from Amazon..

J = Jeju (Cheju), Jeju Art Park, Jeju Folk Village, Jeonju, Jimjilbangs (huge sauna complexes for all the family - eat, sleep, watch movies etc), Jindo, Jinju, Jirisan National Park, Juche (Revolutionary principles of North Korea), Jungmun.

Juche: A Christian Study of North Korea's State
Religion by Thomas J. Belke

Kim Il Sung: you can order this book from Amazon.

K = Kara (K-pop idols), K-pop, KTX (new high speed train), Kim Il Sung (The 'Great Leader' of the North, died 1994), Kim Jong Il (the son), Kim Jong-un (3G), Kim (20% of the population), Kim Dae-Jung, Kimpo airport, K-pop (gayo), Kimchi, K.League (the soccer), KNTO (Korea National Tourist Organization), Korean Glossary, Korean War (1950-53), Kyongju

Kim Il Sung's North Korea
by H-L. Hunter, S. J. Solarz

Lotte World amusement park.

L = Lake of Heaven, Language, Laundry, Lee Myung-bak, LG, Libraries, Literature, Links, Living in Korea, Lost & Found Offices, Lotte World (huge amusement park in Seoul), Luggage Storage (coin lockers).

The Rev. Moon.
MASH man.

M = Makkeolli (rice wine), Maps, Mokpo, Moonies (largest ever mass wedding - 720,000 tied the knot in Seoul 1995), M.A.S.H. (suicide is painless), Military Sites, Minbak (rented rooms), movies (popular throughout Asia), Muju, Mul (water), Myeong-dong.

1966 World Cup poster.

N = Nakhasan (parachute job appointment), Nam (south), Namsan, The National Theater of Korea, Naver.com, N.Ex.T (Korean rock band), News Headlines from Korea, Nocheonnyu (unmarried woman), Noraebang (karaoke box), North Korea, North Korea 1, Italy 0 (1966 World Cup, mamma mia!). South Korea 2, Italy 1 (2002 World Cup, mamma mia, ancora!), North Korean Cinema, North Korean Tours, Noryangjin Fish Market.

Olympic memorial.

O = Odaesan National Park, OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), Oedo, Oeyeondo, Ohmy News, Ojing-eo (squid), Olympics 1988, oncheon (hot spring), ondol (underfloor heating in hotels), onchon (hot springs), Osaek, Oti-gogi (duck meat).

Barbecued beef dish.

P = Panmunjom, Pansori, Park Chu Young (the new Korean soccer hero), Park Chung-hee, Photos of Korea, Park Chung Hee (president 1961-1979, assassinated by KCIA chief), PC-bang (Internet Cafe), Police, public holidays, Psy (Gangnam Style), Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, Pulgogi (barbecued beef), Pyeongchang, Pyeongan Province, Pyongyang.

Queen Min engraving.

Q = Queen Jeongsun, Queen Min (popular royal assassinated in 1895).

Top 10 Seoul

Reunification Buddha.

R = Railways (see trains), Rainfall in Korea, Rent A Car In Korea, Religion, Reunification Buddha (largest in the world), Roh Moo-hyun, Roh Tae-woo, ROK (the South), Ramyeon (noodles), Red Devils (Korean fans in the 'Be The Reds T-shirts'), Room Salon (Hostess Bar).

Ssireum engraving.

S = Samsung, San (mountain), Sangmin (social class), Seo (west), Seogwipo, Seon (marriage interview), Seoul, Seoul Attractions, Seoul Shopping, Seoul Station, Shinee (K-pop boy band), Shin Sang-ok, Silla (old kingdom), Sogaeting (blind date), Soju (strong vodka-like drink), Sokcho, Sounds of Korea, Ssireum (wrestling), Sunshine Policy (rapprochement with the North, smile please!), Starcraft (popular video game), Shinhwa (the band), Suwon.

Taekwondo fighters.

T = Taeguk (Taegukki; Korean flag), Taegukgi (2004 Korean War epic movie), Taekwondo, Tap (pagoda), Tapgol Park, Taxis, Telephone numbers, Temperatures, Temples, Three Kingdoms Period, Time, Trade Unions, Traditional patterns, Trains in Korea, Travel information, Tripitaka Koreana, TVXQ (K-pop duo), Types of accommodation

US Army in Korea: you can order this book from Amazon.

U = Ulleungdo (unspoilt island), US Army presence = 34,000 GIs - down to 24,000 by 2008/ Japan (47,000 US soldiers), Ulsan, UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The US Army in Korea 1950-1953
by Christopher J. Anderson

Insight guide To Korea: you can order this book from Amazon.

W = Weather, Weddings, Woeguk-in (foreigner), Wolmido (historical area of Incheon), Won (the cash), Wonju, Wonder Girls (K-pop stars), Woori ("we"), Woraksan National Park.

Insight Guide Korea (Insight Guides)
by Tom Le Bas

Korean Won.

X = X chromosome (having two of these is a definite liability in Korean society).

Korea Guides
by Lonely Planet


Y = Yak (medicine), Yangbang (social class), Yellow Sea, Yeongjongdo, Yeongpyeong, Yeonhee-dong (area of Seoul), Yeouido, Yeosu, Yi-Yi (aka Lee Yulgok), Yogwan (traditional guesthouse, see ondol), Yongsan, Yongsei University, Youth Hostels, Yuhaeng (trendy).

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