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One of the best ways of getting the most out of a trip to Japan is by joining a tour of the country or a particular city or attraction.

A number of Japan and foreign based tour companies operate a variety of tours of Japan including bus tours, bespoke tours and tours of various attractions.

* If you are a tour operator in or to Japan list your tours with us. Please send a short description, link and small logo, if you have one. We look forward to listing your Japan tour.

Japan Travelogue

Japan Travelogue.

Japan Travelogue specialize in small group guided tours and custom itineraries for discerning travellers keen to experience Japan's cultural, historical and culinary highlights.
Our tour groups, led by Japan experts, use local transport and walk the back roads for an unforgettable journey through this fascinating and still relatively unexplored country.

All-Japan Personalized Private Guided & Self-guided Tours

Your Japan Private Tours

YJPT specializes in 1-14 day private tours customized to your needs. From Tokyo to Kyoto and beyond. With 30 years of experience! From VIP to budget. Canadian owned. Ask for a quote today! Kyoto: (Tel: +81-(0)50-5534-4372 | Fax: +81-75-320-2793) San Francisco: (Tel: +1-415-230-0579)



ReadyClickAndGo offers private sightseeing tours and excursions by public transport, guide hire and cultural activities in Tokyo and Kyoto. We offer a first-class personalised service, tailor-made itineraries and convenient and secure online payment with no hidden extra fees. Get the most from your sightseeing with ReadyClickAndGo!

Viator Tours

Japan tours by Viator.

Viator offer Tokyo tours and tours of Kyoto and Nara as well as a number of other destinations in Japan including Nikko, Hakone and Kamakura. Tour duration can be half-day, full-day or multiple day tours by luxury coach or shinkansen bullet train. Tours originate both from Tokyo and Kyoto.


Japan tours by Voyagin.

Voyagin helps you discover and book authentic local experiences. As passionate travelers ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to uncover true authenticity in a foreign destination. The most useful information is scattered, buried and sometimes in a different language. Often, it is also difficult to filter out the best things to do, especially when you don't have local friends.

Walk Japan

Japan tours by WalkJapan.

Walk Japan has been offering off-the-beaten-track walking tours of Japan since 1992. Join one of Walk Japan's tours including the popular Nakasendo Way tour, the Shogun Trail, the Kunisaki Trek in Kyushu and the Basho Tour taking in Tohoku and Sado Island. Walk Japan's tours often begin in either Tokyo or Kyoto and present a great way to see the country, feet on the ground, one step at a time.

Arigato Japan

Arigato Japan Food Tours and Cooking Classes.

Arigato Japan Food Tours and Cooking Classes aim to build the bridge between an ancient cuisine and its guests by helping visitors overcome the language barrier and experience Japan the way the locals do. Our founders chose food tours that are educational, fun and delicous; and cooking courses that are impressive while still easy to learn all while respecting the tradition and values that surround these unique culinary experiences.

Japan Custom Tours

Japan Custom Tour.

Japan Custom Tours is designed to provide just that - a tour custom built for your requirements. We will take you to see and do what you want to see and do, when you want! We travel with you around Japan, on-hand to remove the hurdles that prevent many people from making the most of their time, helping with things that can be difficult on a trip to Japan or while travelling away from the main cities.


Japan tours by Context.

Context is a network of scholars and specialists, who, as well as their normal work as researchers and professors, plan and lead in-depth walking seminars for small groups of intellectually curious travelers from around the globe. Presently Context offers tours in both Tokyo and Kyoto including intellectual tours focused on Japanese cuisine, art, Japanese gardens and crafts.

Tour de Lac

Lake Biwa Shiga tours by Tour de Lac.

Tour de Lac offers customized tours to take you to Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan and the most interesting spots in Shiga Prefecture. Our mission is to connect travelers with Shiga and create wonderful travel memories for you! We offer both one day and half-day tours featuring cultural exchange and cooking opportunities, adventure travel and beautiful natural scenery, eco-tours, art and dining on local delicacies.



EYExploreTokyo offers group and private photo tours in Tokyo. Get tips from professional local photographers and explore this fascinating city through your viewfinder. With their help, understand your camera and turn your snapshots into a memorable photo-book. With Tokyo as backdrop it's the best way to hone your skills and bring back home memorable photos.

Travel RedBook

Travel RedBook.

Travel RedBook is an online travel directory highlighting top recommended, expert travel suppliers from across the globe. We recommend the best in the business, including tour companies, travel agents, hotels and unique travel resources.  Search by destination or interest category, and let us help you plan the adventure of vacation of a lifetime!

Audley Travel

Travel RedBook.

Audley Travel offers you the best travel experience possible. We believe the only way to achieve this is to have genuine experts for each and every destination, we call them specialists. They'll design a trip around you, to match your interests, tastes and budget, and created with an absolute commitment to quality.



Start your next trip to Japan with exclusive experiences & tours provided by MagicalTrip. Our mission is to provide the Best Local Experiences Japan has to offer so that you can have a magical trip! Travel like a local and explore the hidden gems of Japan.


Japan Deluxe Tour

Japan Deluxe Tours.

Japan Deluxe Tours has over 30 years of experience in Japan tours and travel with a wide range of packages designed to suit travelers of all ages. Enjoy Cherry Blossoms in the Spring, Anime Packages, Festival Tours, or explore our great line of affordable private tours.

Japan Deluxe Tours

JAPAN and more - Fully Escorted Small Group Tours

Japan And More.

Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Japan! Becki will personally escort you around Japan and offer first-hand knowledge of the country and its culture. Join today for a truly memorable experience! American owned with 20 years of experience. Call today at 1-800-572-8123 or visit our website.

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