Universal Citywalk Osaka

Osaka Area Guide: Universal Citywalk Osaka ユニバーサル・シティウォーク大阪

Universal Citywalk Osaka is a large US-style mall just outside the gates to Universal Studios Japan (USJ) in Osaka and includes a number of restaurants selling signature Osaka dishes such as takoyaki as well as souvenir and retail stores.

Universal Citywalk Osaka, Osaka.
Universal Citywalk Osaka
Universal Citywalk Osaka, Osaka.
Universal Citywalk Osaka

Universal Citywalk Osaka Attractions

Universal Citywalk Osaka includes two hotels where visitors to USJ often stay: Hotel Keihan Universal City and Hotel Kintetsu Universal City.

The Takoyaki Museum consists of five vendors, branches of takoyaki shops in Osaka, where you can review takoyaki history, sample the variations that have come about since 1935, and pick up souvenirs, all under one roof. The branches are Kukuro, Aizuya, Kougaryu, Amachan and the Juhachiban branch. Naniwa's Specialty Ichibirian sells takoyaki goods and souvenirs.

There's a plethora of other places to eat including fast food outlets like MOS, as well as popular chains such as TGI Fridays, Hard Rock Cafe, Ganko (Japanese food), 551 Horai (steamed pork buns) and Fujin Raijin Ramen.

Other choices include Chinese, Korean and Italian-style eateries, a conveyor (kaiten) sushi restaurant, okonomiyaki, pizza and onigiri (rice balls).

There are a variety of stores in Universal Citywalk Osaka many of them appealing to the young and young at heart. Jump Shop retails Manga characters, figurines and collectibles, Rock Shop stocks fashion items and novelties, while Kilostore offers used clothing by weight. There is also a branch of Lawson's convenience stores.

Universal Citywalk Osaka, Osaka.
Universal Citywalk Osaka
Universal Citywalk Osaka, Osaka.
Universal Citywalk Osaka

Universal Citywalk Osaka Hotels

There are a growing number of hotels congregated around Universal Studios Japan and Universal Citywalk Osaka including the Park Front Hotel, Hotel Universal Port, Hotel Keihan Universal Tower and Hotel Keihan Universal City.

Universal Citywalk Osaka, Osaka.
Universal Citywalk Osaka

Access - how to get to Universal Citywalk Osaka & USJ

Universal Citywalk Osaka & USJ can be reached by direct train from Osaka Station in Umeda taking about 15 minutes. Alternatively change at Nishikujo Station (on the Osaka Loop Line) to the Yumesaki Line for Universal City Station.

From Osaka Namba Station, Nishikujo Station is an 8 minute ride on the Hanshin Namba Line, then change trains to the Yumesaki Line.

From JR Nara Station take a JR Yamatoji Line train and change at Shin-Imamiya for the Osaka Loop Line for Nishikujo Station.

From Kansai International Airport (KIX) take an express train to Nishikujo Station and change.

A ferry boat service, called Capt.Line (Captain Line), runs between USJ and Osaka Aquarium in Tempozan, taking about 10 minutes to make the crossing.

There are buses to USJ from KIX and Itami Airport as well as direct highway buses from many places in Japan including Nagoya, Tokorozawa and Tokyo.

Universal Citywalk Osaka
6-2-61 Shimaya Konohana-ku Osaka
Osaka Prefecture 554-0024
Tel: 06 6464 3080
Hours: 3F 10am-10pm
4F 11am-9pm
5F 11am-11pm

Universal Citywalk Osaka, Osaka.
Universal Citywalk Osaka

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