Nikolai-do Holy Resurrection Church

Places of Worship: Holy Resurrection Cathedral

Holy Resurrection Cathedral, Nikolai-do ニコライ堂

Nikolai-do, Tokyo.

The Holy Resurrection Cathedral - usually known as Nikolai-do, in the Kanda area of Tokyo - is the major cathedral of the Japanese Orthodox Church.

The present church dates from 1929 as the previous building (first built in 1891) was partially destroyed by the tremors and a later fire in the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923.

The present Byzantine-style building with its characteristic green onion domes was designed by the Japanese architect Shinito Okada.

The cathedral is commonly known as Nikolai-do after Saint Nicholas of Japan, the Russian-born Ivan Dimitrovich Kasatkin (1836-1912), who came to Hakodate in Hokkaido in 1860 and spent the rest of his life, including the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905) spreading Orthodox Christianity in Japan and raising funds for the cathedral.

Saint Nicholas is buried in Yanaka Cemetery.

Nikolai-do, Tokyo.

Access - how to get to Nikolai-do

4-1-13 Surugadai
Tel: 03 3295 6879

The cathedral is close to Shin-Ochanomizu Station on the Chiyoda Line of the Tokyo subway and the Hijiribashi Exit of JR Ochanomizu Station.

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