Potohar (Yoyogi)

Potohar Indian Restaurant, Yoyogi, Tokyo.

1F Takahashi Biru
Yoyogi 3-23-5
Tokyo 151-0053

Tel. (03) 5371 3305

Seats 12.

Potohar is an Indian restaurant on Koshu Kaido Street about 10 minutes walk east from the south exit of Shinjuku Station.

Tokyo has many Indian eateries, and, as you would expect, most of them are OK, and many of them aren't even that. Potohar stands out as one of the best when it comes to the ultimate test: the taste one.

Casual in the extreme with friendly, if unpolished, service, Potohar is the place to go if you want a taste of India's best. Don't know what the secret is, but it could be something to do with the subtle slivers of ginger. Superb nan.


Lunch course averages 800 yen

Dinner course starts from just over 1,000 yen and includes a non-alcoholic drink.

Beers available.

Opening hours:

Lunch: 10.00am - 3.00pm; dinner: 5.00pm - 3.00am every day

Getting there

Walk along Koshu Kaido Street from the south exit of Shinjuku Station on the other side of the road from the station. After about 10 minutes you'll come to an overhead walkbridge. Potohar is right under the stairs of the walkbridge (in front of Bunka Women's University).

Potohar Indian Restaurant, Yoyogi, Tokyo.