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Shizuoka Eateries

We look at 10 recommended restaurants in Shizuoka. If you would like to add your business to this list please contact us.

Cantinetta Adorno (Italian)

Shizuoka City, Aoiku, Ryogaicho 1-3-9, Wakasa Building 1F
Tel/Fax: 054-221-8308
Hours: Friday and Saturday, 11:00-14:00, 18:00-23:00
Sunday, Tuesday-Thursday, 11:00-14:00, 18:00-21:00
Closed Mondays

Adorno's is a small Italian restaurant that seats 35 guests. It is possible to book the restaurant for a party of 40 starting at 3500 yen per person. A plate of sun-dried tomatoes, parmesan cheese, and bread sticks is delivered with your drink order. The wines available are impressive, and there is a full bar serving whiskey, cocktails, and beer. The menu is full of antipasto, salads, pastas, risotto, seafood, and meats. In addition to the regular menu items, there are market items that change regularly. They have a lunch special every day that includes many items starting at 1000 yen.

Cantinetta Adorno (Italian)

Macou's Bagel Cafe

Macou Bagels

Shizuoka City, Gofukucho 2 chome 3-5
Tel: 054-205-2367
Hours: 11:00-21:00, last order in by 20:30

Macou's is a cafe that offers two fantastic lunch specials every day. The specials usually cost less than 1000 yen. One is a bagel and cream cheese with a salad, the other is a sandwich with soup or salad and fries. The regular menu includes bagel sandwiches, focaccia sandwiches, soups, salads, and French toast and other sweets. Fresh bagels are also for sale. At 8pm, they are marked down.

Tony's Honolulu Hawaiian Foods

Tonys Honolulu Hawaiian Foods

Shizuoka City, Aoiku, Ryogaicho 1-7-5
Tel/Fax: 054-221-8837
Hours: 11:30-14:30, 17:30-24:00

Tony's offers a huge variety of tropical cocktails served in big glasses. They have a large menu full of every type of snack and/or meal. One of the food attractions is the "loco moco" which is a rice dish topped with egg and meat and a savory gravy. In addition to the drinks and food, the Hawaiian ambiance is well worth the visit.

Aburi no Suke (Traditional Japanese)

Shizuoka City, Aoiku Showa-cho 1-8
Tel: 054-273-8844
Hours: 17:00-24:00

Aburi no Suke is an upscale Japanese restaurant with a wonderful atmosphere and excellent food. The specialty is Sumibi-yaki, or charcoal grilling in the traditional izakaya fashion. They have live music from time to time. There is counter seating, private table seating, party rooms, and an extensive sake bar. Beer, whiskey, and other cocktails are offered, as well.

Nagafusa Wine and Grill (French)

Shizuoka City, Nakada 1-4-5 (south of Shizuoka Station)
Tel: 054-289-5533
Hours: Lunch 11:30-14:00
Dinner 17:30-23:30
Closed Mondays and holidays

Nagafusa is an excellent French restaurant, and the selection of wines is top class. If you want to go for a bottle of wine and hors d'oeuvres, you will not leave hungry. Main dishes include quail, duck, and lamb. Dinner course menus start at 5,250 yen, and lunch sets start at 1,600 yen.

Togakushi Soba (Japanese buckwheat noodles)

Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Seikan-Cho, 12-1
Tel: 054-252-9470
Fax: 054-221-8685
Hours: Closed Wednesdays

Togakushi is a Shizuoka chain restaurant that has managed to keep its mom and pop feel. It only serves soba dishes, and they offer hand-made soba. There is often a line of people waiting to get into these restaurants any time of day. Set menus start at 1000 yen.

Hoyoken (Korean)

Shizuoka City, Suruga-cho, 6-18
Tel: 054-252-8929
Hours: 17:00-24:00. Closed Mondays

Hoyoken is an authentic Korean restaurant specializing in yakiniku (gilled meat), but offer great vegetarian options as well. A variety of kimchi is available. You can watch the cooks at work if you sit at the counter. They serve a nice choice of sake and beer. It is usually crowded, but worth the wait for the food and great service.

Jangir (Indian)

Shizuoka City, Shinkawa, 1-1-25
Tel: 054-221-8841
Hours: 11:30-14:30, 17:30-22:30

Jangir's chefs are Indian and Pakistani and they serve Northern Indian traditional dishes. The portions are large, and the prices very reasonable. They offer an excellent vegetarian meal set, too. Lunch is a buffet and is all you can eat at a set price.

El Pollito (Mexican)

Shizuoka City, Shoowa-cho, 4-7
Nakayama Bldg. 1F
Tel: 054-273-8555
Hours: 11:30-14:00, 18:00-24:00
Closed Sundays

El Pollito is the only Mexican restaurant in town that offers a full Mexican menu. The portions are small and the prices high, but great quality food for the money. They have a variety of Mexican beers (Sol, Corona, and Dos Equis among them) and a few bottles of excellent tequila.

Sabaai Dheel (Thai)

Shizuoka City, Koya-Machi, 6-13
Matsunaga Bldg. 2F
Tel: 054-253-5778
Hours: 11:300-14:00, 17:00-22:30
Closed Sundays & National Holidays

Sabaai Dir is a fun place to go with friends who like to eat family-style and share a few entrees. The noodle dishes are really flavorful, both green and red curries make your mouth water before they have reached table, and the roasted fish is moist and aromatic. You can choose the level of spiciness for many of the dishes. There are affordable items, but more on the expensive side.

Shizuoka Access


Good rail links with Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka (Shinkansen bullet train). From Tokyo JR Tokaido Shinkansen super-express (1 hour by "Hikari" express or 90 minutes by "Kodama") to Shizuoka. From Osaka (Shin-Osaka Station) 1 hour 40 minutes by Shinkansen bullet train and 1 hour 20 mins by "Kodama" from Nagoya and 1 hour by "Hikari" express.
From downtown Shizuoka 50 minutes by JR Tokaido Honsen Line to the Ecopa Stadium in Fukuroi City and then a ten-minute walk.


JR Highway Bus from Tokyo and Nagoya Stations.


2 hours from both Tokyo and Nagoya by Tomei Expressway.

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