Carp in Tokyo Pond

Carp in a streetside pond, Bunkyo ward, Tokyo

Bunkyo ward, home to the main campus of Tokyo University, is one of Tokyo's more elegant areas distinguished not only by a large number of temples, but also by quaint coffee shops and numerous high-class restaurants.

The cityscaping of the ward makes for a green and pleasant feel to it, and here, built into the outside of an office block on the corner of Yushima 2 intersection, is a small pond featuring a variety of beautifully colored carp.

The carp is not only a decorative adjunct to the scenery, it is also held to be a symbol of virility and fighting spirit, swimming upstream, as it does, to mate.

Multi-coloured carp, Japan.
Multi-coloured carp swarm to be fed in the pond in Japan.

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