Shinobazu Lotus Pond

Shinobazu Lotus Pond, Ueno Park, Tokyo

Shinobazu Lotus Pond, Ueno Park, Tokyo.

Shinobazu Lotus Pond (不忍池) is on the western edge of Tokyo's Ueno Park. Lotuses are said to have been first planted here in the early 17th century during the Edo Period.

The best time to view Shinobazu Lotus Pond is in summer when the lotuses are in bloom. However, the fact that a lotus blooms for only about four days makes this difficult. There are rowboats for hire in the adjoining area of the pond, making for optimum viewing whether blooming or not.

However, at almost any time of the year the lotus plants at Shinobazu Lotus Pond themselves are a sight to behold as their great leaves wave and ripple in the breeze.

Shinobazu Lotus Pond, Ueno Park, Tokyo.

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