Fukagawa Fudo Temple Smoke

Temple Smoke Fukagawa Fudo Temple in Koto ward, Tokyo

Fukagawa Fudo (深川不動堂), in the Fukagawa district of Koto ward in Tokyo, is more properly known as Narita-san Fukagawa Fudo-Do.

Fukagawa Fudo is a temple of an esoteric branch of the Shingon sect of Buddhism founded in the 18th century.

Fukagawa Fudo's major rituals center around fire, the most important being goma, or the burning of cedar sticks.

One of the most visited spots in Fukagawa Fudo's spacious grounds is the censer in the middle of the courtyard, under a shelter that constantly emits smoke.

Visitors to the temple stop to rub the smoke on afflicted parts of their bodies, or simply apply it for good health and fortune.

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