Roadworks in Tokyo

Night roadworks, Shinjuku, Tokyo

While the lights of the city dance, horns honk, and the late night streets of loud, trashy Shinjuku are a tipsy riot, there is something inevitable and calming about road construction teams.

Roadworks are everywhere in Japan.
Roadworks are everywhere in Japan

Blazing in their own pool of brilliant white light, dressed identically in tough, drab pastel uniforms and yellow helmets, they always seem to be forming some kind of rough circle around something that draws their collective gaze downwards. There is no hurry or sense of panic. In the background beats the steady thrumming of various engines. Even the flashing lights flash with simple unshowy on-off regularity.

Here is a team of road construction workers caught on film on a street at night in west Shinjuku in late summer.

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